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Hair Transplantation clinics and surgeons are abundant in Iran but every hair transplant clinic is not producing excellent result. Some surgeons and doctors are beginners and they need a lot of experience to become best surgeon in Iran.Iran, formerly known as Persia has been the home of science and mathematics development therefore it is only befitting that in this modern age also, people find medical treatments in Iran better than other places in the world. Cosmetic surgery is of top quality in Iran and it is also known as the capital of nose surgery. Many people travel to Iran for a good nose surgery and there are hundreds of experienced and skilled surgeons in the state. Hair transplantation has become a significant part of the cosmetic medicine  and as more people are suffering from hair loss, the procedure is being done everywhere in the world. However, Iran’s negative image in the global community has hindered the hair restoration surgery there from being as renowned as the facial plastic surgeries. There are many other countries where hair transplant procedures are done using the latest techniques and due to this many patients do not travel to Iran to avoid any social unrest. Iran is the hub of cosmetic surgery and the surgeons there provide excellent treatments but due to the social situation, candidates prefer other destinations. Due to this, the statistics of hair restoration medical tourists is lower as compared to those of nose surgery. Other Asian countries such as Pakistan and Malaysia are also good contenders as far as hair loss surgery is concerned. However, Iran has a high number of visitors from the Middle East and Eastern Europe. The hair surgery is done in two ways, the strip harvest method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE). The strip method involves the removal of a strip of hair from an area of good density and then this strip is divided into smaller units. These units are then planted on the scalp where baldness occurs. Usually the strip is taken from the back of the head since hair growth is good there, but in some cases the donor site may vary. The donor site always has a scar from the strip removal since the wound is stapled with stainless steel staples, designed especially for surgical use. This scar is covered by the surrounding hair growth and hence is not very visible. The FUE method is a later development of hair restoration and it involves the extraction of individual hair follicles that are then planted on the bald area one by one. Not all surgeons can perform the FUE method since it requires skill as well as an artistic hand. The FUE method in Iran has been adapted in many ways to cater to the different types of cases. FIT or follicular isolation transplant is the extraction of individual hair follicles along with the surrounding skin so that the whole follicle and its surrounding skin can be planted on the bald patch. This method is designed for people who do not have enough hair on the head and the donor site is found on any other body part. The FIT method ensures that the hair follicles have a greater chance of successfully growing hair to the length desired by the candidate. The neograft device has also been developed for performing FUE hair transplant. The neograft is a mechanical device that removes hair using a vacuum action and then plants these on the bald area. All these latest techniques are available in Iran. When we compare hair transplant prices in iran versus Pakistan then neighbouring country is much cheaper.

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hi, cost of hair transplant for one session usually 4000-6000$

  2. How much cost in Iran /

    What is average cost of hair transplant in Iran?

  3. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir, hair transplantation cost of 3000 grafts by strip method is 1200 euro and fue procedure 1900 euro.

  4. How much does hair transplant cost in Iran /

    May i know cost of hair transplantation 3000 follicles?

  5. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Cost of hair transplant depends upon hair restoration technique and number of grafts. However one session of hair transplant costs you 1000 euro and you will get 2500 follicles.

  6. ÿþd /

    Iran hair transplant cost?

  7. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir, hair transplantation cost in Iran is 3000-6000 euro and you can get cheap hair transplantation from our clinic.
    -2000 fue grafts in 1800 euro.

  8. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Hello, you can read our website where we have put enough hair transplant procedures details, cost, side effects and complication. Our clinic is not in Iran and mostly people travel Lahore -Pakistan for best quality hair transplant surgery from experienced hair transplant surgeon.

  9. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Hello, our clinic is just in your neighbouring country and many people travel from Iran and got hair transplantation and we are offering cheap hair transplant surgery. For example 2000-2500 follicles will cost you 1000 euro only. We can also book hotel adjacent to clinic for you.

  10. Cheap hair transplant Iran /

    Hi, I am searching for cheap hair transplant in Iran. Can you tell me your clinic address so that i can travel. Can you arrange hotel for me as well?

  11. Alejandra Maria /

    I am visiting Tehran and interested to get hair transplant surgery in Iran- Tehran. Please send me detail information.

  12. alex goad /

    What is hair transplantation cost in Iran?

  13. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir, we offer much cheaper hair transplantation as compared to Germany. Our charges for 2000 fue grafts will be 1800 euro only.

  14. Iran hair transplant cost /

    Sir, i am living in Germany but my origin is from Iran.What is cost for 2000 fue grafts? I have consultation regarding hair transplant in Germany and doctor suggested me here 2000 grafts.But hair transplant cost in Germany he told me around 8000 euro for 2000 fue grafts.

  15. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir, Thank you for your interest.we have replied you by email and please check it. We do not have any hair transplant clinic in Iran as hair transplantation in Iran is costly. A lot of hair loss/baldness patients are coming from Iran to our clinic for hair restoration. Hair transplant cost at our clinic for international customers is 2500 grafts @ 1000 euro.


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