Hair transplant in lahore Pakistan

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Hair transplant is the only remedy comes to mind when you are facing hair loss. Hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is a trust worthy clinic. Your decision of hair transplant could turn into one of the best decisions you make. Hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan could be worth spending your money. Pakistan has come long way in the medical field and Pakistani doctors are recognized and famous for their talent and skill all around the world. There are many clinics in Lahore Pakistan which are making their mark in hair transplant surgery. Having a hair transplant surgery could be the best of your decisions or the worst decisions you ever make. It all depends on the ability of the surgeon you choose. You should be aware enough of the skilled surgeon and the surgeon who can turn your hair transplant into a nightmare. People from different cities visit Lahore for having hair transplant due to some best and high profile surgeons.

Hair transplant is a routinely done surgery and the results could be phenomenal. Hair transplant can evolve your personality, your appearance and makes you look remarkable. People who face baldness often lose confidence and their good looks with losing their hair. Hair transplant in Lahore can give you a younger looking you with natural looking hair without any scar and the surgery would be undetectable.

In hair transplant your original hair are taken from the donor area. The donor could be the back of your head or the hair follicles could be extracted from any other part of your body. Then these hair follicles are transplanted into your bald area. These transplanted hairs are as natural as your previous hair before baldness. Transplanted hair grows like natural hair, you can get them cut, dye, blow dry, straight or even perm.

Hair transplant is a permanent solution of your baldness. Usually two methods are used for conducting hair transplant. The Strip and FUE hair transplant. Both are lucrative and result oriented. If you have less donor area you cannot adopt the strip method. If you want a more precise and latest method then you must choose FUE hair transplant. Discuss with your doctor in Lahore for all the possibilities and get yourself informed.

Questions about hair transplant in Lahore? Get guaranteed answers in 12 hours.

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Sir, We will be happy to serve you this time as well and to restore your top/crown area.

  2. Second session /

    Sir, I hope you will be fine and doing well. I had one session from Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry 2 years back for my frontal hairline. I want second session for my crown/top area of head. I need 2200-2600 grafts for my crown area. I am coming to Pakistan for Eid and want hair transplant as well.

  3. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir, please read our FUE hair transplant section regarding information on this procedure.
    2- Hair transplant procedure will be completed in 4-6 hours.
    3-Some basic tests required like Blood Complete examination, HBSAg, Anti-HCV, HIV screening, PT,APTT,Blood Sugar Random and if age is more than 60 years then ECG
    4-You need 24-48 hours bed rest.
    5- Hair growth will start after 3 months post operatively
    6- We charge 1.00 euro for one fue graft
    7-You can read our other sections of website for useful information.

  4. Hair Loss Lahore? /


    I want to have my hair transplantation by Dr. Ahmed Chouhdhary. I am 28
    years old and have experienced rapid hair fall in crown and front area.
    After doing some online research, I am well familiar with the procedures
    and interested in FUE transplantation. Could you please provide me some
    information on followings:

    1. FUE Procedure;
    2. Total number of days required for surgery;
    3. What tests are required prior to surgery;
    4. Bed rest time after the surgery;
    5. Hair growth time period;
    6. fees (per graft); and
    7. Any other useful information

    I would really appreciate your prompt response.

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