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After going through a hair transplant surgery, now you are anxiously waiting for any visible results of the surgery. Still there is some time to go and little patience is required. If you are thinking that the hair start growing the next day after the surgery it is your wrong assumption. The hair follicles are extracted from one part of the body and transplanted to the bald area. When these follicles are extracted they go through a trauma of being removed and the blood supply is blocked for a moment and naturally it takes some time to adjust at a different place which is your bald area. Once the adjustment took place, which may takes about 3 to 5 months after the surgery, the hair re-growth starts. The re-growth is slow initially and it takes almost a year to show a visible re-growth. This is the process of hair re-growth after hair transplant surgery.

There are some other ways that are non-surgical and they also help in the re-growth of hair naturally. Sometimes the pattern of your baldness is not permanent; you are facing thinning of hair or a minimal hair loss. Sometimes the shedding of the hair stops itself and the hair re-growth starts on its own after some time. There are different medicines are available in the market in the form of pills, lotions, oils or shampoos that claim the re-growth of hair. It is important that you discuss with your doctor before using any medicine. Some bad quality medicines are very harmful and bring many side effects. Sometimes there is any ingredient used in the medicine which can cause you allergy. So, you should be educated enough before using any medicine that what is used in that.

Although, this is purely your personal choice to select any treatment for hair re-growth but generally hair transplant surgery is rated as the best possible solution for the treatment of hair loss and re-growth of your hair. Because with the surgery there is no artificial thing or any medicine is involved and the hair re-growth starts in its typical and natural way and these hairs grow all life.

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