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Where to get Fue hair transplant  in South Africa

Hair transplant has been in practice since the early nineteenth century and thanks to the evolution of cosmetic medicine, it has progressed and has become a popular choice to treat baldness in both males and females. After the transplantation, the hair follicles grow normally and the look remains natural. The people who opt for hair transplantation feel more confident and sure of themselves since they are satisfied with the way they look. The hair procedure is done in two ways, Strip method and the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).Strip harvesting involves removing strip of hair follicle from hairy patches such as back of the head or behind the ears. These strips are removed using a scalpel and are then carefully dissected into follicular units, which comprise of natural hair follicle groups. On the other hand, FUE is a more technical and lengthy process since it involves removal of individual hair follicles, which are reinserted in the bald area. While FUE leaves no scar and there is no post surgery pain or discomfort, this process costs more and is not suitable for all candidates. Both the methods are widely conducted all over the world. South Africa is one of the countries where a hair restoration can be done in cheaper cost than in any western developed country. The results of hair transplants done in South Africa are good and show good results while the cost is comparatively lower than in west. This is why many people go to South Africa to get hair loss treatment. The surgeons of the state are well reputed and have good skills due to which their number of patients keeps increasing. In FUE treatment, a major part of the result or outcome depends on the surgeon’s skills. There are minor after effects of the surgery that includes swelling and itching on the treated area. However, this can be treated with light medication and once the recipient is relieved, they can enjoy a better look and feel more confident about their outlook. It might not be wrong to state that hair transplantation is one of the major processes of cosmetic medicine. As medical sciences are advancing, the techniques of cosmetic surgery are also gaining popularity. With time, people who previously thought that hair  surgery is a tedious method and did not opt for it now believe it is a normal process to achieve the look they want and to overcome baldness. South Africa is a good destination for people who wish to get a good hair restoration. The currency of South Africa is also of reasonable exchange value while the accommodation and surgeons available are also good.

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