Women Hair Transplant

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Hair loss is a common problem witnessed by both men and women. Hair transplant is equally suitable remedy for both men and women.  Hair loss is not less than a disaster for any women. Women in our society are often personified with beauty and no women can bear the loss of losing her hair. Losing hair does not only means becoming bald, rather with losing hair a women loses her beauty, appearance, self confidence and it also brings psychological disaster for her. She feels herself misfit in the society. Some women use wigs and others accepts it as a major calamity. Hair fall also associated with aging or old age. So the women feel low esteemed and old before age. Hair transplant is a one good solution for your baldness. Hair transplant is more common with men rather than women but now a day women are also considering this solution for their hair loss. Hair transplant can revive their natural beauty and return their self confidence to them and make them acceptable in their peer group.

Before deciding for hair transplant it is very important to know the reasons and factors that are contributing in your baldness. Some of the causes of hair loss are hormonal changes in the body, iron deficiency, thyroid problem, chemotherapy, any severe or serious physical injury, childbirth, crash dieting, malnutrition etc. it is important to discuss  with your doctor which factor is causing you hair loss. There are few causes which could be treated with medicine. If any medicine is not bringing remedy for you then the ultimate solution for your hair loss is hair transplant surgery.

Hair transplant surgery can be effective for women of any age. A good surgeon can give you an undetectable hair transplant which can add up your confidence. Baldness in men is different from baldness in women. Hair loss in women is known as Female Pattern Baldness. In female hair start thinning on all over the head. Instead in men, firstly the hair line is receding and then top of the head. Only specific areas lose hair in men. However, the procedure of hair transplant is similar in both men and women. There are two methods used for hair transplant in one the strip is peeled from the donor and transplanted the follicles after dissecting them. The other method is more suitable for a woman which is Follicular unit extraction. There is no scar given in this procedure and no stitches required. Single follicles are removed from the donor area and planted into the hair loss surface. A surgery done by an expert doctor would bring excellent results and those are lifelong.

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