Turkey hair transplant

 Hair transplant in Turkey is performed in almost all major cities,but do your research well as most of these clinics do not produce good results. Republic of Turkey bordered by eight countries having significant geostrategic importance is among one of the developed countries of the world. Its diverse culture, ancient heritage and unique demographic location attract people from all over the world. Health care facilities are available to a large segment of population.  In early 2000s, hair restoration surgery treatments began to increase in Turkey. Amount of tourists and visitors who are coming from different countries for hair transplantation is increasing by 2005. It provides high quality transplant surgery to those patients. You can get transplant anywhere in Turkey, but Istanbul the capital particularly greets those who came there for treatment. You can find a good and well educated surgeon in Istanbul. Government of Turkey offers special benefits to those coming there for transplant treatment. These include free air tickets, free transport from airport to hotel and sometimes free accommodation in some hotel at Turkey. Such benefits and perks attract a huge amount of hair loss sufferers from all over the world.

How much does hair transplant cost in Turkey

Hair transplant cost in Turkey is only one third of what you need to pay in Europe. The average cost of a hair graft in Turkey is one Euro. They use updated medical instruments and latest technology in the treatment. Clinics are comfortable having good hygiene and equipped with proper bedding as you can find anywhere in Europe. All methods of transplant including FUE, FUT and laser are being used by surgeons in clinics. Lots of patients are coming from abroad every year and this has increased number of transplant clinics by two hundred. Turkey contributes two hundred million dollars to its economy per year by transplant treatments. In May and June, many clinics offer ten or twenty percent discounts on different methods of hair surgery. If you plan your trip within these two months, you can save your money by discount. Before going for transplant in Turkey, make sure you have selected such a clinic which has a renown and well skilled surgeon. As transplant industry is increasing in Turkey, there are some illegal clinics with inexperienced doctors who are playing with health and money of patients. You need to check that they also have a professional and supporting staff. You can consult a surgeon prior coming to Turkey on telephone or by email. He can advise you on some pre-operative precautions and suggest you the methods of transplants. You can check about the number of sessions and over all cost from their websites.

You should check various discussion forums online regarding hair transplant in Turkey. Read carefully what people said about different surgeons and clinics. Different patients have also posted their before and after surgery photos along with experiences. This will help you in making a good decision about your transplant. You also need to apply for visa for treatment in Turkey. It is better to ask surgeon about treatment and recovery time. Remember one thing that your travel expenses, accommodation and hospital charges are not included in transplant cost.

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