Transplant Australia

Transplant Australia means hair transplant and  fue procedure. Australia is one of the developed countries of the world, which is also twelfth largest economy of the world. Its unique fauna and flora, culture, beaches and indigenous cuisines are attracting million of tourists annually from all over the world. Visitors usually came here for getting treatments of various diseases. Especially designed visas are available for those who want to get treated in Australia. As hair transplant industry is growing rapidly in Australia, affected person are moving there to get a high class treatment. It meets all international and ethical standards set for hair transplant surgery. Follicular Unit Extraction, the most effective treatment of hair transplant was invented in Australia. This method was invented by Dr. Ray Woods in Sydney. This method had replaced the traditional method of removing hair through a strip. Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide are those cities of Australia are the home of hair transplant. These cities are famous for FUR and BHT. Clinics and hospitals there are equipped with latest technologies. They have good hygiene and sanitary conditions. Expert and skilled surgeons are available there for consultancy and treatment. You can also make an appointment with Dr. Ray Wood, pioneer of FUE transplant.

Try to find a surgeon who has excellent record of good results. You can find some published result or reviews of his previous patients. Find contact number or email address of relevant surgeon. Make an appointment with him before visiting Australia. Send your surgeon some clear photographs of your scalp. Ask him about pre-operative precautions. Different clinics have a section of before and after photographs of their patients along with testimonials. You can also get some relevant information from their experiences. Clinics there focus hard on professionalism, patient’s comfort and care. If you feel satisfied after a telephonic consultancy with surgeon, you should make an appointment. Otherwise, you can check another one. Consult about treatment with a friend or relative currently residing in Australia. Australia has made a mutual agreement on medical treatment with some countries. If you are from one of those countries, you can get special visa of Australia for your transplant. You can get up to three months stay there for treatment. You can select either medical treatment visa for a short stay or for a long stay. This totally depends upon number of transplant sessions and recovery time.

You can find many good and proficient transplant surgeons in Australia, but if you want best, you need to visit Canada and the United States. Australia has warm climate which means that non surgical hair restoration methods won’t show good results here. So the best alternative of getting your hair back is transplant. Average cost is seven Australian Dollars per graft, which is almost the same as in the United States. Clinics in Australia are charging a bit more as compared to clinics in the Europe. Transplant is much expensive as compared to Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and India. You can consult some other countries if you want a cheap, but good treatment.

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