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Toronto hair clinic is exclusively committed to hair transplantation. With ever growing awareness of hair transplantation it has become very important to produce excellent results. There are so many options for people and only the good clinics would survive by the end of the day. Toronto has progressed a way better in this field than many other cities of the world. Toronto is a place where people come for tourism from different parts of the world and during their tourism they do take some time out to visit the hair clinics in Toronto for finding out a solution for their miserable hair loss problem. Hair clinic Toronto is offering some very good packages to its clients.

It is important to know if you area candidate of hair transplant or not. If a candidate is not having good donor area or if the person is all bald, he is not a good candidate for hair transplant surgery. For hair transplantation a good donor area is requires from the hair follicles are taken and lately planted into the bald area. Before choosing any hair restoration system, discuss the causes of hair fall with your surgeon. He may suggest you some pre-operative tests to find out the exact nature of hair loss. Sometimes medication therapies help you to restore your hair loss such as pills, lotion, oils etc. But sometimes the only possibility to restore hair loss is hair transplant surgery. A narrow strip of hair follicles is peeled from the scalp with special precise blades and then those follicles are separated under a stereo microscope. After separating these hair grafts are implanted into the bold area. There is also another way of picking out follicles one by one and not in the form of whole strip and each follicular unit is implanted in the same way. This is called FUE hair transplant. Hair transplant surgery usually takes 5 to 8 hours depending on the bald area and technique which is being used by the surgeon. The whole procedure is performed under local anesthesia and the person is fully awakened. The transplanted hairs regrow between 3 to 4 months post-operation. And a noticeable growth shows after 6 to 8 month of the surgery. Later these transplanted hairs grow all life and you can cut them, perm, dye and manage them whatever the way you like.

Hair transplant cost in Toronto is 8000 to 15000 $ while same number of grafts can be transplanted in 2000-4000$ at our hair transplantation and restoration clinic.

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