Surgery For Hair Growth

Surgery for Hair Growth

There is an increase in the number of people suffering from hair loss due to stress and poor diet intake these days. Additionally, lack of essential vitamins and minerals also triggers hair loss which is a reason many people feel under confident and unsure of themselves. This is why people turn to procedures such as hair transplant surgeries. There are several methods to transplant hair. The most used are the strip method, in which the surgeons cut out a strip from the back of the head which will normally never become bald. The strip is then split up in grafts and the grafts are then inserted at the receiving area. This leaves a scar in the back of the head from where the strip is removed. The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a method in which each graft is removed one by one and then inserted at the receiving area. This method does not leave any scar and is therefore more desirable. FUE is more expensive and has proved to be reliable in most cases. This is why many candidates feel tht it is worth the cost. Hair growth is effected by many factors such as stress and diet patterns. Genetic set ups also effect the hair loss cycle in a person. In few cases, hair diseases and disorders are also found to hamper the cycle of hair growth and in all such cases, it is better to identify and cure the problem before getting any kind of hair restoration treatment. Hair transplants are done worldwide in order to provide relief from baldness. This is one of the most popular procedures of cosmetic medicine. Initially, hair transplants were done to eradicate any abnormal hair loss or to cover scars caused by accidents and burns. Due to its overwhelming results, the procedure later on became a cosmetic procedure to relieve baldness. There has been a lot of development in hair transplants and the results produced by the latest techniques are much better than that of the initial methods. The hair transplants done previously, created unnatural look and often a bumpy scalp resulted from hair transplants. Earlier methods made the hair transplant evident as the area where new hair were planted looked different than the rest of the scalp and it was obvious from a distance that a person has gotten hair transplanted. However, newer techniques are so fine that even a hair stylist is not able to detect the hair transplant. The result of a hair transplant is visible fully after a period of ten months to a year. Before that, the recipient loses much of the hair transplanted and then they grow back again, growing to the right length within a year’s time.

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