South Africa hair transplant cost

South Africa hair transplantation cost

South Africa is a place where many tourists go for vacations to enjoy the beautiful scenes as well as enjoy the latest trends. The medical facilities in South Africa are also according to the world standards and produce good results. Hair transplant surgery is done in the country widely and a person many find many skilled surgeons and doctors. Anyone who plans to get a hair surgery from South Africa must do some research prior to the procedure in order to understand his or her kind of baldness and the amount of work and cost required for the procedure. The surgeons usually charge according to the number of grafts but in South Africa, a flat fee is charged per visit. Any potential candidate can find out about the surgeons available by using the Internet. Testimonials of past patients and the number of patients per day give a fair idea of the surgeon’s experience. Initial consultations are also offered by some surgeons. While in another country or city, the patient can send photographs of his or her scalp and the doctor assesses the condition of hair growth and gives an accurate estimate of the amount of sittings needed to cover the bald patch. Once the initial consultation is completed, the person can choose to get the hair surgery completed. The average rate of a session in South Africa for surgical hair restoration is around 20,000 Rands, which equals around $1,400. This is much cheaper than what a hair surgery may cost in the western developed countries. Usually, a hair transplantation surgery is completed within a single sitting and this means that a person can get a procedure completed in less than $2,000. The surgeons and doctors in South Africa are competitive and might even reduce their fee due to healthy competition. Some trends are typical to places where certain practices are followed. A country that offers cheap cosmetic surgeries will have a great influx of patients and hence the surgeons will have more cases to perform each day. This adds to their skill and expertise and therefore the quality of hair restoration surgery improves. During this course, many surgeons often reduce their fee in order to attract a larger number of patients. Usually while looking for a surgeon, people keep two main factors in mind; one is the quality or the end result of the procedure and the other is the cost. Every candidate searches for a surgeon who can ensure everlasting results while offering a good price. This is why it is always recommended to do some basic research. This also gives the patient some insight to the steps of surgery so that when they finally get a hair surgery, they do not carry unrealistic goals in mind. It is also necessary to be open and comfortable with a surgeon so that they know what the candidate is expecting while they can also prepare them for what to expect.

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