Satisfied with Hair Transplant Pakistan

Satisfied with Hair Transplant in Pakistan is only possible when results are according to expectation. Too much high expectation before procedure is not a realistic approach. One should clear in mind surgical hair replacement is a shifting of hair from donor area to recipient area. There is no increase in number of hair. These will remain same however cosmetically these are placed in such a way that baldness can be covered. A good hair transplant surgeon explains each and every detail during initial consultation. He examines very closely donor area density, laxity, diameter and texture of hair. Then he correlates with expectation or goals of patient. If it is not possible to get high hair density with extensive baldness, hair doctor will try to convince the patient. In some circumstances a best hair transplant surgeon refuses to operate on patients who have very high demand.One can only be satisfied with hair transplant in Pakistan or abroad when desires are realistic and achievable through hair restoration procedure. There are other points as well for satisfaction, main focus is on natural results after hair loss treatment in Pakistan.

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