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Everywhere in the world, people suffering from hair loss are increasing in number on a daily basis and therefore the demand for hair restoration treatments is increasing as well. In the east, the cost of a procedure is much lesser than that in the west, however countries like Pakistan and Malaysia are even cheaper than other Asian countries. In Oman, there are very few clinics that offer hair transplantation. But like the other Gulf States where expatriates are the major runners of economy, there are many foreign practitioners in Oman while numerous world renowned surgeons also visit the country. Oman has very high standard clinics equipped with latest instruments but the cost of the procedure there is more than other countries therefore there are not many patients willing to get treatment from there. However, the scenario is changing since Pakistani surgeons visit the country and are willing to perform procedures at lesser prices. Even then, the common people prefer to travel out of Oman in search of  cheap but good hair treatment. There are a few skilled doctors who are dedicated to hair loss treatments and provide good facilities. There are many hair loss treatments but hair surgery provides the most permanent solution to baldness issues. Baldness can result from many health conditions such as illnesses or diseases which can hamper the normal biological systems. These days stress and diets are causing increased hair loss and this can only be permanently cured by surgical hair restoration. Hair restoration surgery is a safe treatment and has minimal side effects due to which the re is an increased demand for it these days. The two main methods of hair re growth are the strip method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE). In Oman, both the methods are available and ensure natural results. Oman is a smaller state in comparison to the other Gulf States but in terms of technology and service it is at par with many western countries. This is why it is easy for any person to get a good hair re growth procedure from there, but having said that, the cost of the procedure might not be affordable for many people who wish to get a good procedure done at a good cost. Oman is an Arab state and just like other Arab states, it has a large number of expatriates who play a vital role in the economy of the country. There are many Pakistani and Indian surgeons available there along with a few Chinese surgeons who deliver good quality but due to the heavy fee and clinic charges their packages are extensive and heavily taxed. It is advisable that a person looking for a best hair transplant in Oman must do some research and find out the cost of procedures that are being offered. This way the candidate can get a fair idea about the procedure steps as well as the cost.

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    Hello Sir, hair transplant cost in Oman starts from 8000 Omani Riyal and we will suggest you to get it done from Pakistan as there is one best clinic offering affordable hair restoration.

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    I am in oman and I want to do hair plantation in oman

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