Pakistan hair transplant costs

Pakistan hair transplant Costs

Pakistan provides all kinds of medical services at much lesser cost than countries of the west. This is mainly due to the health care being cheaper and the surgeons’ fee being economical. Apart from this, the services of the doctors and surgeons are so good that paying an amount for it is not out of proportion and seems worth it. The surgeons in Pakistan are well qualified and due to an influx of patients from all over the world, they are experienced to treat all kinds of cases. This kind of a seasoned doctor or surgeon can charge a lot but in Pakistan, they are all within the reach of the common people. Cosmetic surgery was once considered for people who were related to show business or for the upper class who could afford such treatments. Nowadays, as people are gaining resources and problems such as hair loss are increasing; people turn to hair transplants and other hair restoration treatments. In Pakistan, not only locals but foreigners are also getting hair transplants done. The hair transplant surgery can be done in two ways, strip method and follicular unit extraction (FUE). The cost of strip method is much lesser than FUE due to the level of skill needed. The strip method is an easier procedure and although the results from this method are also not as good as FUE, but this method is less costly so many people still get it done. FUE requires a skillful surgeon who has been performing FUE hair transplants so that the recipient can enjoy a natural youthful look. In Pakistan, many surgeons charge according to the number of grafts planted, and so the final cost of the procedure varies with individuals. The usual cost of hair transplant falls between Rs70,000 to Rs140,000. However, in extreme cases or any medical conditions the surgeon may charge more or lesser than this. The strip method costs almost half of FUE method hair transplant. This is much cheaper than the surgery costs in Europe and the United states. The average cos bracket for hair transplant surgery is from 8,000 Euros to 10,000 Euros. If a person travels to Pakistan from Europe, pays for his stay as well as the procedure; the surgery will still cost lesser than what the candidate would have paid in Europe. FUE surgeons must be searched for since all surgeons cannot perform this kind of surgery. It is possible that as the cost of the procedure may vary according to individuals, some clinics and hospitals might even change the cost of hair transplant to suit a particular candidate. While the cost of this procedure may be more than usual for some candidates, cheap hair transplants are widely available while the services provided are reliable and more than satisfactory. It is advisable for people who want hair transplant treatments that they do some research and find out places that offer cheap hair transplants. It is desirable for everyone to get the best service in the best price. Cheap hair transplants can now be carried out in good clinics with efficient surgeons and comfortable environment.

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