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New York is the trust worthy in the field of medicine and surgery. Hair transplant is commonly done procedure in New York. Hair transplant comes under the restoration surgery. It is a cosmetic procedure and expensive. People witness hair loss in all parts of the worlds but few are educated about the reasons and cure or treatments of hair loss. In New York there are many clinics fully dedicated to hair transplant surgery and they are giving high rate of successful hair transplant surgeries. Hair transplant is a surgery which is done under local anesthesia and it takes 5 to 8 hours in the procedure. The timing is totally depends upon the number of grafts transplanted to cover your baldness. If you have a large bald area, it will take longer to implant hair and it also depends on the technique which is used for hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation is usually carried out by using two different techniques in New York like all the other cities of the world. One is the FUE hair transplant. This is the latest technique and it is very less invasive method suitable for the people who wants preciseness and who have diabetes or cardio problems. There is no scar given in FUE, no stitches involved, rather it is also called a no touch technique. An instrument is used to extract single hair follicle at a time and transplanted into the bald area. The other method which is used is the Strip method. It is an old way of transplanting hair but still is not outdated. A strip of hair follicles is removed from back of the head and then the follicles are separated with the help of special blades under the microscope. After doing this, they are planted into the bald area. Both methods are producing excellent results but FUE is more precise and it gives u unidentified surgery. The hair will grow like your previous hair. After surgery you can go back home and your surgeon will give you few medicine to control any infection and pain. The surgery however is not a painful procedure you could only feel a little uncomfortable. If you want to have the hair transplant surgery on a cheaper rate than New York, you can travel to any other country like Pakistan to have your surgery and get the same result. DR Ahmad is one of the pioneers of hair transplant surgery in Pakistan and he is highly qualified surgeon and foreign trained. He can give the same high standard of surgery on a very less rate that offered in New York. You can take consultation online with our very skilled and talented hair transplant surgeon.

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