Neograft reviews

Neograft reviews- Neograft fue hair transplant in Pakistan

A new hair restoration device is introduced that helps the surgeon in performing follicular unit extraction surgery on the patient and is known as “NeoGraft.” It helps in ensuring the accuracy during the surgical process. This automated hair restoration device has the approval from Food and Drug Authority of the United States. Now FUE surgery can be performed precisely and safely. It helps in harvesting follicular units from the donor area and transplanting them into the recipient area of the patient. As this is not a robotic device, it requires a specialized moderator interference to perform the task. According to some review, Neograft helps a painless surgery because there is no need of a big cut on donor area . It is likely to less damage the harvested follicles, so in some patients follicles do not require to pass through resting period of their growth cycle. There are fewer chances of graft failure if this device is being used during transplant. Patients get rid of big scars, staple and stitches involved in traditional strip removal method. This new device is also helpful for body to head hair transplant method. It is used by top surgeons and dermatologists all around the United States.

Neograft is totally based upon a suction system and it separates follicles from the tissues by pulling it out through suction. Once follicles are sucked out, they collect into a small tube of the machine which can store up to fifty at a time. Recipient sites are created through using hollow needles as in FUE. Follicles are inserted into scalp by injecting them one by one with help of suction unit. This takes a less time almost as half as required for manual FUE surgery. For Example, if one thousand grafts are transplanted in one single session of FUE, two thousand grafts can be transplanted with help of Neograft. Time is the major factor which increases the price of FUE transplant. But after introduction of Neograft, possibilities are there that it will help in decreasing the costs of FUE. There is no pulling and tweezing of follicles involved by using this device, so follicles cannot get damaged. Prior using this automated machine, local anesthesia is given to patient as in other methods to avoid pain and discomfort. It is praised by those patients who cannot have transplant because of thick and tight scalp. Some patients claim to go through transplant by using Neograft. It is better to check the results through viewing their photos.

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