Neograft results

Neograft results in Pakistan

Neograft is a device that allows robotic extraction of hair follicles and then through a mechanic process it inserts these follicles on to the bald patches. This is the latest technique through which follicular unit extraction (FUE) has become possible. Although this technology has made it much easier for a person to get a high number of grafts planted in a single session. Manually, it is not possible to get around 3,000 grafts panted within a day. However, with neograft technology it has become possible and there are no incision marks left after surgery. Apart from this, there is lesser chance of any of the grafts losing viability since the mechanical device extracts hair follicles through a vacuum suction pump and soon afterwards, they are planted in the scalp. FUE has been a successful way of treating baldness but it is a laborious process and may be completed in a number of days. Only a limited number of grafts can be planted manually and it increases the surgery time, while also elongating the healing period. Rarely, some dismal results have been shown through the FUE hair transplant method from clinics that do not know exactly how to perform the procedure since it requires a lot of skill and experience. Of course, every surgeon does not have that level of skills so neograft has come as good news. It has provided every candidate an opportunity to get a successful hair transplant done even if the surgeons in a convenient place are not as expert as is required for FUE procedures. . There are some forces unique to FUE procedures such as torsion, traction and compression. If the neograft device helps in eliminating these issues that destroy hair follicle and allow more hair transplant surgeons to offer FUE to patients who qualify for the procedure, it will increase the number of people who will get FUE treatments performed.
A very important factor about neograft is that it has proved to be much lesser expensive than FUE procedure. This is because the mechanical device does not cost as much as a manual procedure. Surgeons charge the procedure according to their work and care but the machine is a device only. The neograft is a much lesser painful process since it involves a vacuum for suction and very minute needle like inserter to plant the follicles. There is a minimal risk of shock loss and a minimal risk of bleeding due to no incisions. Despite all of this, many people agree that experience and skill cannot be beaten by a mechanical device. They still trust human judgment more than any machine or robot. This has caused a resistance in the success of neograft all over the world. A skilled surgeon and his experience, artistry and skill cannot be replaced by a machine. The use of machine also requires some expertise to judge what kind of settings and the intensity of vacuum to be set, which cannot be done by any ordinary person.

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