Neograft Automated fue hair transplant Pakistan

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  1. murtaza /


    sir i would like to know how many hairs consist one FEU graft?

  2. Awais /

    What is the contact information in Lahore? How can make the appointment? if you can give me the telephone number or address?

  3. admin / Post Author

    Sir, yes we can take hair from chest, arms and legs to transplant into head. However price for one graft from body is 250 rupee/graft.

  4. Asif Ali /


    Can you also take hair from chest or arms and place them on the head?

  5. admin / Post Author

    Sir, we charge 120 Pak rupee/fue graft with Neograft machine in Pakistan

  6. Aatif /

    I’ve already gone through with 3 strip surgeries but constantly loosing hair, I would like to know how much do you charge FUE per follicle with advance neo graft.

  7. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir, thank you for your query. Yes we are doing FUE hair transplant with latest technology and our hair transplant surgeon can extract 2000-4000 follicles in single session. Our cost is based on per follilce. We have special package during ramadan and offering 25% discount to our regular prices. Our cost for 1 fue graft is 120 pak rupee.

  8. mohammad fraz /

    i would like to know if you do FUE transplant with the latest machine. which is actually called neo graft tecnology. and the cost of the procedure.As I am bald from the front and the crown area. I am 25 yrs old.Thanks

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