Male hair implants Pakistan

Male hair implants

Androgenic Alopecia or male pattern baldness is the main cause of hair loss in men. Certain genetic factors are linked with this cause of hair loss. Men start losing hair from the vertex and temple of their head. Dihydrotestosterone abbreviated as (DHT), a hormone is believed to cause baldness in men. This hormone makes hair follicles to become thinner and prevent them from production of new hair. Many non surgical treatments are available to treat this problem, but they are time-consuming and sometimes they do not give the desired results. Hair implant is only permanent and effective treatment to restore hair in male. Now it becomes a top choice for all those suffering from baldness.

It is required by transplant surgeon to understand the cause of baldness and severity of hair loss before doing hair implants. He needs to create such hairline which resembles the natural hair line of affected male. He should follow Hamilton Norwood scale to measure the baldness stage of his male patient. It becomes easier for surgeon to estimate number of follicles needed to harvest for implant by identifying the stage. He can also tell patient about number of sessions and total cost incurred on treatment.

In the procedure, surgeon examines the scalp of male and advises him to follow some pre-operative conditions. Use of alcohol and cigarettes is totally prohibited by the end of surgery. On the actual day of implant surgery, local anesthesia is given to male to save him from pain. This anesthesia usually lasts for up to six hours. Surgeon uses a strip to remove hair follicles from the area of denser hair growth. He can also remove them one by one. Later, these hair follicles are removed from each other and from fatty tissues surrounding them under a microscope. He needs to be very careful because these follicles can be damaged easily. Then, he creates small circular holes on recipient area with help of a small punched needle. He implants follicles into the holes in a fixed pattern. This whole procedure may be divided into multiple sessions depending upon male patient’s requirements. Each session can last for up to eight hours.

Antibiotics are given to patient to save him from any infection in wounds. Scalp should be protected from sunlight for two weeks after the implant. Within first ten days all transplanted hair will fall out, but new hair will be re grown within two to three months. Many side-effects such as itching, swelling, redness or soreness of scalp can occur after implant surgery. No need to get worried because consulting surgeon can help in getting relieve from these effects. Cost of male hair implant ranges from four thousand dollars to fifteen thousand dollar in the United States. Propecia and Rogaine are medicines used to treat hair loss without any surgery. They are less in cost, but they are needed to use for a very long time. Going for hair implant is the best method to restore hair in a very short time span.

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