Karachi Hair Treatment

Karachi hair treatment is performed in a variety of ways like FUT,FUE and body hair transplant. Pakistan has an increased medical tourism due to the high degree of medical services and good results of treatments. Cosmetic medicine is also a developed sector of medicine in Pakistan and there are many people who come here to get world class treatments. Hair transplant surgery is becoming common since a lot of people suffer from hair loss these days and have become aware of aesthetics and want to cure baldness.Karachi hair treatment is offered by best hair surgeons and clinics. Karachi is the biggest city of the state therefore there are many choices for a person who has chosen to get hair treatment done. Hair restoration surgeries were initially done in the 1950s to cover accidental scars and hair gaps but since it was a successful procedure, it became a cosmetic surgery. The methods of hair loss surgery have been evolving with time and with progress they can now produce very natural looks and coverage of bald patches. The procedures that were done previously were not as natural and often produced an untidy look such as buckled up scalp or hair growing from a single pore like doll’s hairs. However, the latest methods are so natural that even a hairdresser cannot tell if a person has gotten hair restoration done. The hair surgery is done in two basic ways, the strip method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE). FUE procedure is a newer technique in Pakistan and ensures a more natural look since separate hair follicles are used for planting. Additionally, there are no incisions since the skilled doctors plant the hair follicle very closely and do not need to ‘dig’ into the scalp and can easily locate a follicle area and tuck it in. The surgeons ensure that there will not be long breaks or days between sessions. This means that the recipient can get the desired look within hours. The FUE hair transplant is a little more complicated than strip procedure and hence it is essential that the surgeon is skilled and has experience of FUE procedure. The surgeon is not only expected to extract hair follicles but he is also supposed to observe the natural pattern of the existing hair and then plant the new follicles in the same pattern. The transplant has to be very natural otherwise the whole purpose of the procedure fails. Apart from this, the apathy and the comfort that a surgeon provides is vital for the patient to relax and entrust his appearance to a surgeon. All these qualities are found in a majority of Pakistani surgeons and this is the asset that sets them apart. FUE transplant is offered by several surgeons in Pakistan and this procedure is performed at their clinics where world class equipments are used and the results are successful. Karachi hair treatment  provides a wide array of choices to all the people who opt for hair implant and since there are numerous surgeons and healthy competition exists, a patient can get a good cost for a result yielding procedure.

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