Karachi Hair Transplantation

Karachi hair transplantation clinic performing surgical hair replacement for the last 15 years and cost is affordable. Hair transplant is the method of extracting hair from one place and planting it on a bald area on the scalp. This method was initially used during the 1950s in order to conceal accidental scars and hair gaps. However, due to the success of this procedure it began to be used as a cosmetic procedure to treat baldness. Hair transplants are by far the most natural and permanent solution to baldness. They are preferred by many patients since they do not require a lifelong routine of taking medicines or applying lotions or oils to the scalp. They are a one-time hassle procedure and give results for a long time. The hair transplantation procedure is done in two ways and can be executed in clinical environments. While they are an easy procedure for the patient, the surgeon needs to apply care and skill for a good result. Hair transplantation is considered an expensive procedure and can cost a person a fortune if performed in the west, however, there are many countries where cheap hair transplants are available while they give the same quality of results. Pakistan has an increased medical tourism due to the good medical treatments available at cheap costs. While looking for a good treatment, cost is always a prerogative and therefore it is essential to look for a doctor or surgeon who does not charge excessive fees. In Pakistan, hair transplants are being done in all the major cities and therefore there are many successful surgeons to choose from. Karachi hair transplantation procedure is performed less frequently as the medical hub of the country is in Lahore. However, this does not mean that a candidate cannot find a good surgeon in Karachi. Nowadays, many good surgeons from Lahore travel all across the country to provide consultations and perform hair transplants in other cities. If a person does some research, he or she can find a good doctor in Karachi and can book an appointment without the hassle of going to a clinic. Once the initial discussion is done and both the surgeon and patient have reached a unanimous decision about the method of hair restoration and the cost of the procedure, the surgery can be done. The doctors of Pakistan are famous for their personal relationships with patients that allow patients to openly discuss their issues. This helps them in being prepared with the results and also to be in a comfortable environment during the surgery. Once the hair surgery is complete, the person is free to go home and there are no follow up sessions or checkups required unless there is a complication. In Karachi, there are numerous private clinics and medical centers that have good hair transplant surgeons. These surgeons are easily accessible and provide free first time consultation. Due to a healthy competition among doctors, the cost of the procedure is many times reduced or discounted to suit some patients. Karachi hair transplantation is going on slow pace as people prefer to travel to Lahore for quality result.

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