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Japan Hair Transplant clinic

Japan hair clinic is providing different hair regrowth treatments.Hair loss is a common problem in Japan like the other countries of the world. Genetic, psychological, and medical factors affect production of new hair on scalp. It is a very interesting fact that prior to World War two, no one knew about male pattern baldness in Japan. Research has suggested that due to influence of western fat diet, they started losing the hairs. Prior to war they used low fat protein diet essential for healthy hair growth. Japanese are experiencing partial hair loss and baldness problems like people from other countries and race. Japan hair transplant clinic offers different treatments for hair regrowth.

Hair transplant techniques at Japan hair clinic

Another interesting fact is that modern techniques were invented by a Japanese doctor Dr. Okuda in early 1930s. Unfortunately due to out break of war, this research could not be continued for twenty years until an American doctor performed transplant surgery in 1950s. Hair restoration clinics in Japan which provides both surgical and non surgical treatments of hair loss can be found from internet. Expert and skilled surgeons are there to carry out transplant surgeries. The majority of these clinics are available in capital Tokyo. All hair restoration methods including follicular unit extraction, follicular unit transplant and body to head transplant are available in Japan.

Where to find the best hair transplant in Japan?

You can find a best transplant clinic in Japan with the help of internet. Visit some websites and hair loss discussion forums to check the excellent rated clinics. If you are living in Japan, you can find advertisements of transplant clinics in local newspaper or beauty magazines. Clinics have their own official websites providing you their contact numbers and address. Online consultancy is also available to the patients across the world. They also provide you guaranteed desired results in the end. Go through the photo galleries of these clinics that consist of before and after transplant surgery pictures.

Hair transplant Cost in Japan

Cost of transplant treatments in Japan is significantly high as in the United States and Europe. It is estimated that for one thousand grafts, it costs from thirteen hundred dollars to twenty five hundred dollars. Total cost and number of sessions is dependent on the severity of hair loss. In the United States, same amount of grafting take place in eight thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars. You need to pay additional charges incurred on antibiotics, local anesthesia and other clinic facilities. Japan is among those countries offering cheap treatment, but according to internationally set standards of transplant. Japan is one of the cheapest destinations of transplant attracting hair loss patients from the different parts of world.

Surgeons in Japan will select FUE or FUT treatment according to patient’s need and affordability. Cost of FUE is as twice as FUT in Japan like other countries. In FUT surgery, hair follicles are harvested in form of a strip and implanted into bald area of scalp. But in FUE, follicles are removed one by one and later inserted into scalp. Each method has its own pros and cons, but FUE is considered most painless method of transplant. Experts of both treatments are available in Japan.If you are considering getting hair transplant in Japan or looking for Japan hair clinic then get maximum knowledge about clinic, surgeon, results and prices.

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