Hair Loss Treatment Iran

Hair loss treatment Iran

Iran, formerly known as Persia has been the hub of medical development since historical times. Iran has produced a lot of researchers and scientists who have contributed majorly to the field of science. As everything is advancing, the development of medical facilities is fast in Iran. The country has good surgeons and latest techniques of procedures which are availed by patients from all around the world. Due to international relations, Iran is not popularly known as a country with high medical tourism but it is becoming a provider of health care at affordable cost. During recent years, the Iranian government has stepped up its efforts to attract medical tourists mostly for organ transplant, laser eye surgery, orthopedic surgery and cosmetic dentistry. Hair transplant is n essential procedure of cosmetic surgeries and therefore has to be on the ‘menu’ since there are a large number of people interested in getting this treatment. Iran is also among the 12 countries with biological medicines technology and can serve as a health tourism center 30,000 people come to Iran each year to receive medical treatment. Hair transplant surgery is done in two basic ways; the strip method and the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Both the methods are being performed in Iran and the surgeons are skilled and experienced due to the high number of procedures being done every day. The standards of medical services provided in Iran are high but due to the foreign relations and sanctions there is massive reluctance in people who wish to get a good hair transplant. Hair transplant surgeries are available everywhere in the world and even if Iran has developed medical facilities, only due to its foreign reputation; people prefer other cheaper destinations such as India or Pakistan. Iran is known for its cosmetic surgery especially nose jobs and in this respect the medical tourism to Iran is immense. However, in case of procedures which are available at better cost and equally good results, such as hair transplant; people do not prefer to go to Iran for hair transplants due to Iran’s image. The plastic surgery is best in Iran as compared to other countries in the Middle East and Asia while sustaining a high quality of medical service on par with the US and Europe. Iran has the potential to become a key medical tourism destination and, in the coming years, will gain the interest and attention of international patients due to governmental efforts. In spite of all of this, the reluctance of potential candidates is natural. The techniques for hair transplant in Iran are most advanced and are being observed by many surgeons worldwide to improve their own facilities. Maybe with time, the image of Iran changes and causes people to travel for hair transplant surgeries, but currently there is a majority of people who may travel to Iran for nose jobs or similar plastic surgeries but not for hair transplants, since hair transplants are available in many other countries without any political complications.

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