How to Find FUE hair transplant in Pakistan?

How to find Fue hair transplant in Pakistan for quality results?

Follicular unit extraction is a latest hair restoration procedure in Pakistan Lahore. It is very easy to find best fue hair transplant clinic and surgeon in Pakistan. You may see our before and after  photos and you will be realized that our  clinic is one of the best fue center in Pakistan Lahore. People are coming for Follicular unit extraction procedure from Islamabad, Peshawar and Karachi for best quality results. The procedure is performed by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry and he has more than 14 years’ hair restoration and transplantation experience. Dr Ahmad has introduced many techniques in hair loss surgery for the cure and treatment of baldness. He is performing 4000-6000 fue grafts in one mega or super mega session at his clinic in Pakistan Lahore.

Fue hair transplant price in Pakistan

The basic concern for every patients before undergoing any hair loss treatment is Fue hair transplant price in Pakistan. Hair restoration cost is charged according to area of baldness ,  technique and grafts requirement.

Fue hair transplant results Reviews

It is important to know Fue hair transplant results reviews in Pakistan before selecting of any clinic. Those who want to see and listen video testimonials about results may click

FUE hair transplant before and after result

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hi, if you have traumatic scar on your frontal hairline, we can reconstruct it and make it invisible through hair transplantation.

  2. admin / Post Author

    Sir, Our clinic is situated in Paris France nearest from UK. However in Paris we charge 4.00 euro/fur graft. If you need 2000 or 4000 fue grafts then Pakistan will be cheap for you where 2000 fue grafts would cost you 1800 euro and 4000 grafts 3600 euro.

  3. Fue hair Transplant UK /

    Hello Doc, I am from UK and want to know about your fue hair transplant clinic in UK

  4. Fue clinic in Pakistan /

    Sir, I am coming in Dec to Pakistan and where is your fue clinic in Pakistan?

  5. admin / Post Author

    Yes fue hair transplant is equally good for male and female patients.

  6. admin / Post Author

    Hello Jessie, we can restore your natural hairline and please send us your close up pictures.

  7. admin / Post Author

    Hi, yes we do body hair transplant and take grafts from chest, back,beard and arms. Our charges for body hair transplant are 2.00 euro/graft.

  8. Body hair transtplant /

    Sir, i have three sessions from Thailand and still need more grafts. Do you guys perform body hair transplant surgery?

  9. Jessie Rozzelle /

    I have cut on my frontal hairline and want hair transplantation.

  10. Lindsay Kohus /

    Do you offer fue hair transplant for female patients?

  11. admin / Post Author

    Sir, yes we have experienced hair transplant team and we are performing 4500 grafts in single session.

  12. Alejandro Spells /

    Do you clinic perform 4500 fue grafts in Pakistan?

  13. admin / Post Author

    Sir,We will transplant 4000 fue grafts in single session.Our staff member will reserve hotel for you and van will be there to pick/drop from Airport.

  14. Lindsey Bauswell /

    I live in Russia and read your website profile and too much interested to get my hair back. I need 4000 grafts as i graft calculator suggested me.

  15. admin / Post Author

    Hello, please start use of Minoxidil 5% lotion as well as Tablet Propecia for 6 months.

  16. admin / Post Author

    Sir, if your baldness is visible and you have clear bald patches then we can do fue hair transplant even at 23 years of age.

  17. Adil /

    Hello Doctor, i am 23 years old and can i undergo fue hair transplant in Pakistan?

  18. hair fall /

    I am 21 years and loosing hair day by day. Please suggest some medication.

  19. admin / Post Author

    Sir, Lasers are not frequently used in hair transplant surgery.However we do have lasers in Lahore clinic like CO2,Erb:Yag,Nd:Yag and fractional.

  20. Laser hair transplant? /

    Sir, i have heard about laser hair transplant in Lahore. Your clinic is doing laser hair restoration?

  21. admin / Post Author

    Sir, hair transplant cost range in Pakistan will be 1000-4000$ depending upon number of grafts and technique.

  22. Mimi Eduardo /

    I am planning to visit Pakistan in December and want to undergo for fue hair transplant procedure. How much does hair transplant cost in Pakistan?

  23. admin / Post Author

    Sir, yes you can get fue hair transplant in Pakistan and cost for procedure is based on per follicle.We charge 120 rupee/fue follicle

  24. admin / Post Author

    Hello! we will correct your previous hair transplantation done by some other doctor. We can give you more hair growth, natural look, dense frontal hairline and undetectable hair on your head.

  25. Best hair transplant Pakistan /

    Sir, i am looking for best hair transplant clinic in Pakistan for my hair transplantation. I already have one hair transplant from Bahawalpur and i am totally unsatisfied. I searched your clinic and want to undergo hair restoration procedure.

  26. Fue in Pakistan? /

    Can i get fue hair transplant in Pakistan? What is cost for fue hair transplantation?

  27. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir, we charge 1.00 euro / fue graft in Pakistan or 120 rupee/graft.

  28. FUE hair cost /

    Sir, how much does fue hair transplant cost in Pakistan?

  29. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir, it is our priority to put more information about hair transplant, restoration and surgical hair replacement including FUE procedure.

  30. Best hair transplant /

    I am always looking online for posts that can help me. Thx!

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