Hårtransplantasjon i Stavanger

Hårtransplantasjon i Stavanger, hårtransplantasjon Stavanger, FUE hår restaurering Stavanger, hår transplantasjon kirurgi koste Stavanger.

 Hårtransplantasjon før og etter

Hair Replacement kirurgi kostnad

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Sir, We charge 1.00$US for 1 graft by Fue method. You can pay through credit card and later on refund your bank in installments. To contact with us call +92-333-430-9999 or email : hairtransplanttt@gmail.com

  2. Mateen /

    Hello to you!
    My question is how much you charge per graft and is it possible to pay the amount in installment? Please send me your contact number and your address. Thank you!

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