Hair transplants in Lahore

Hair transplants in Lahore Preferred Techniques

Hair transplants in Lahore are performed for hair loss and receding frontal hairline. There are two kinds of methods popular in Lahore. Follicular unit extraction is a latest where more number of grafts are extracted from donor area.  Micro and tiny punches are used to extract individual follicles from back and sides of head. These tiny spots in the donor area heal rapidly and quickly.  After one week from procedure these spots cannot be detected and totally camouflaged.

Best hair transplant in Lahore

If you are looking for best hair transplant in Lahore then make sure following points before making any decision.

  1. An experienced hair restoration surgeon Vs. Newly established clinic
  2. Online before and after photos, Fue procedure results, Reviews and Video testimonials
  3. Qualification and skill of a surgeon
  4. Is clinic using disposable instruments?
  5. If possible please examine and meet previously treated patient.

Hair Clinic in Lahore

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry’s hair clinic in Lahore is providing hair restoration surgery for the last sixteen years. He is pioneer in Lahore and performed more than 16000 procedures for baldness treatment.

Fue hair transplant in Lahore

Follicular unit extraction technique is a new hope for young people who do not want to undergo strip procedure. As there will be no more linear scar so Fue hair transplant in Lahore is a preferred method due to mild discomfort.

Hair transplant In Lahore Cost

How much does it cost in Lahore? Fue procedure is twice more costly then strip or FUT procedure. There are various factors which determine its cost.

  • Number of grafts to be extracted or harvested from donor area
  • Area of baldness or level of male pattern baldness
  • Frontal hairline Vs. Crown area hair restoration
  • Dense packing Vs. Loose transplantation
  • Fue vs. FUT technique.
  • Qualification and experience of the surgeon

Hair transplants in Lahore where many people get this treatment for quality, affordability and professionalism of surgeon. There is no other place except Cosmoderma clinic and Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is an experienced surgeon and qualified from Paris France. Due to his artistic skill, many patients travel from abroad for excellent results.

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