Hair Transplantation FUE in Pakistan

Fue hair transplant in Pakistan is getting very famous and hyped solution for treating baldness and Pakistan is not behind in adopting any innovation that is successfully experimented and used in rest of the world. Hair loss surgery is the procedure of taking hair follicles from one place (the donor area) and re-planted to the bald area. The bald is also called the recipient area. Years ago there was only method that was effectively used for hair regrowth and that was the Follicular Unit Transplant. This is the classic method for transplantation. This is also known as the Strip method in common language. Then the hair restoration goes under innovations and new techniques are introduced to the world which can offer more state of the art results. One of the best technique that is now used everywhere in the world is Follicular Unit Extraction. FUE hair transplant in Pakistan is mostly frequently performed procedure at Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry clinic in Lahore. This method is very much effective and minimal invasive technique. The procedure is carried out by giving local anesthesia to the patient to numb the area. The local anesthesia makes it a painless procedure and there is no risk involved as it is present in general anesthesia. The surgery is pain free abut sometimes a discomfort is told by the patient which is easy to control by mildly sedating the patient. It is completely a scar free and no touch procedure. There is no need of big incision and stitches in FUE . There are several clinics performing Follicular unit extraction while Fue cost in Pakistan reasonable low and affordable. The most experienced and trained surgeon known in Pakistan is Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry. He is Paris qualified and specially trained and certified surgeon for Follicular unit Extraction (FUE),now in Pakistan.

FUE is the method of planting hair in the bald area after extracted from the donor area. The hair follicles are removed one by one, so no incision is given in the donor area. This process of extracting and relocating the hair follicles is carried out with special instruments. That’s the reason it is called no touch technique. There is very little bleeding during the procedure. The procedure is safe for the patients who have other chronic diseases like diabetes or heart problems. The healing process is very fast due to no stitches or incision. There is one more big advantage of this surgery to the people who have little donor area and they want hair regrowth on their scalp. This FUE technique makes it possible because in FUE, hair follicles can be extracted from any part of the body other than head. The donor area could be your chest, back, arms or legs. The second big advantage is that the surgery cannot be detected by anyone.

Fue procedure body to scalp

Chest hair can be extracted to transplant into scalp

FUE hair restoration is an expensive technique because it takes lots of time and care and attention. The surgery takes about 6 to 8 hours depending on the bald area and the number of the follicles required. You can discuss in detail with your surgeon prior to surgery how many hair follicles you require and how much they cost you? DR.Ahmad Chaudhry in Pakistan can give you FUE procedure at very affordable price with guaranteed results. The surgery can be compared to any procedure that is done in USA, UK or Europe with same high standard in Pakistan.


FUE procedure


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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hi, its really sad you do not have good result and we will correct your previous bad hair transplant performed by some hair transplant doctor in Rawalpindi.Please send us your close up photos to evaluate number of grafts requirement and donor area availability.

  2. Fue Pakistan /

    Sir, I have fue hair transplant from Rawalpindi last year and my results are pathetic and i searched on internet and came across your hair transplant clinic. I want to correct my previous bad hair transplant and need further improvement.

  3. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir, we have two kind of hair transplantation procedures, strip and fue procedure. Our cost for 2400 grafts is 120,000 Pak rupee (strip method) and 180,000 Pak rupee (fue procedure).This offer is only valid for Ramadan Package.

  4. FUE Pakistan /

    Sir, I am visiting Lahore shortly and like to have fue hair transplant in Lahore at your clinic. What is cost for 2400 follicles?

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