Hair Transplantation cost

 Hair transplantation in Pakistan is an inexpensive procedure when compared with other medical treatments. However, some countries offer cheaper surgeries for hair restoration while the western developed countries are expensive destinations. The method used for hair transplant surgery also determines the cost of the procedure, along with the amount of hairs transplanted. While looking for any kind of medical treatment, a person looks for the cost of the treatment and its result or outcome. Hair restoration and other cosmetic procedures have always been expensive but as there have much advancements in the medical field; the people have a variety of surgeons and doctors to choose from. Due to healthy competition among the various doctors and surgeons, there is a reduction in the cost of the procedure since these doctors reduce their fee in order to attract more patients. The majority of adaptations and research take place in the western countries, due to which the procedures being done there cost more and are often out of reach of ordinary people. However, there are many countries that have lesser cost of medical treatments and the doctors do not charge as much as those in the west. This is why, medical tourism; or the influx of patients to places where there are cheaper medical facilities, is more. Countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Pakistan are cheaper destinations for cosmetic procedures such as hair restoration. The average cost of a hair surgery in the western developed countries is around $10,000 while the same procedure can be done in Pakistan for an amount equivalent to only $2,000. This huge difference in the price and the quality of the surgery being the same  has caused a large number of people to travel to Pakistan in search of a result yielding operation. The hair transplant surgery is a simple procedure for the patient while it requires a great degree of skill and experience on the surgeon’s part. The results of a surgery are totally dependent upon the expertise applied and the surgeons in Pakistan are well renowned for their success in this field. The method of the surgery and the number of grafts transplanted determine the final cost of the surgery. In case, a person has a small bald patch that needs coverage, the cost of the procedure will be less as compared to a person who has almost no hair on the crown of the head. The number of sessions required is also dependent upon the level of work that needs to be done. In some rare cases, he surgeon needs to exercise extra care for patients who suffer from other illnesses or medical conditions. Having said this, it is essential to mention that the hair transplant surgery can be done in all sorts of cases, such as diabetes or blood pressure as well. Since the whole process of hair restoration is expensive, it is advised that the person suffering from hair loss must find out the cause of his condition. Once the reason of hair loss is identified, it must be corrected in order to finish the root cause of hair fall and then get the hair restoration started. If the cause of hair fall is not understood and corrected, it might occur after the procedure and cause additional stress and discomfort. There are very limited side effects of hair transplant surgery while the ‘shock loss’ is the only reason some patients feel distress. The shock loss is the hair loss that is experienced after a surgery but after a period of three months the planted hair start to grow back again. Within a period of ten months, a person sees full growth of newly planted hair and a covered scalp. The surgical method of hair restoration is the most effective way to get rid of baldness and enjoy a younger and more confident appearance.  Hair transplantation cost is determined by the number of grafts planted and the number of sessions in which the surgery is completed. There are many countries that are popular for cheaper hair transplant procedures. A patient must do some prior study in order to find a clinic that provides good results and a cheap procedure.

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