Hair transplant women

 Hair Transplant women in Pakistan

Hair transplant surgery is a permanent solution to baldness and hair fall. Many men and women these days turn to hair transplant in order to get rid of less hair growth and enjoy a youthful and fresh look. In men, the male pattern baldness is such that the hair is primarily lost from the crown of the head and the hairline recedes. This results in hair to remain in the region behind the head, up to the temples. This kind of baldness has potential of being treated since thick hair can be extracted from the scalp. In male pattern baldness the remaining hair do not become thin and so there is a good chance of taking follicles from among these hairs and planting them on the bald patch. Unfortunately, the female pattern baldness is different in the sense that the hairs on the head keep getting thin while the hairline is maintained. This kind of pattern means that all over the head the hair is lost instead of shedding from a specific area only. This causes gaps to be created and hence there is no potential donor site on the scalp. Due to the same reasons, the recipient site, or the site on which hair has to be planted is also no specific region. Generally the hair become more distant from each other and hence it is difficult to plant a small number of grafts between these gaps. This is why women are not considered good candidates for hair transplant surgery. In some female cases, we observe male pattern baldness. Such cases are better candidates for hair transplant surgeries due to the pattern in which hair is lost. There is a lot of care and expertise that must be applied to hair transplant surgery done on any candidate suffering from female pattern baldness. Surgeons usually take hair follicles from the body in order to cover the gaps that are on the scalp. The gaps on the scalp are then filled with the hair that has been extracted from the arms or legs. There are a few complications related to body hair transplant. These include the fact that body hair is not as smooth and thick as the scalp hair and due to this difference of texture, the results of the hair transplant may not be as natural as desired. Another fact is that women keep their hair longer than men but the body hair does not grow as long as the hair on the head, this is why only Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is applicable to such cases. In FUE procedure, individual hair follicles are extracted and hence the follicle, which is the part that provides viability to the hair strand will be planted on the scalp. The nutrients that reach these follicles are abundant since the network of blood capillaries is dense on the scalp and once the hair follicles receive nutrients abundantly, the hair becomes thicker and grows long.

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