Hair transplant in Washington DC

Hair transplant is treatments in which hair follicles are obtained form the scalp and they are implanted into the balding areas. These treatments are there in all over the United States including Washington. Patients can find top hair restoration treatment in this state. Washington is the one of the most populous state of The United States of America. It is located on the Coast of Pacific Ocean bordering Canada from one of its side. It is recognized as an Ever Green Stated of the United Sates. Like the other states of America, the best health care system is there in this state. Basic health treatments are accessible to every citizen. Hair transplant is also offered to those that are suffering from baldness and hair loss problem. It is the most effective hair loss solution in the state. In this treatment, hair follicles are extracted from one part of the scalp and implanted to the other. Seattle is the biggest city of this state from where patients can find a lot of clinics providing hair restoration surgeries to the patients. Most of the clinics are located in Fifth Avenue of Seattle.  The surgeons performing these surgeries are specialized and expert in dealing with treatment of all phases of hair loss. They give the patients the finest possible results after the treatment. They help the patients in restoring their natural hairline back on the balding scalp. Most of them have more than fifteen years of experience in field of hair restoration surgeries. They have also expertise in performing all the modern techniques of hair restoration surgeries. All of them have membership of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

It is estimated that one half of the men in the state are suffering from male pattern baldness and they need the best treatment for their hair loss problem. Hair restoration surgeries are especially customized according to needs of these patients. Almost twenty percent of the women in state are also suffering from hair thinning. Special surgical treatments are also offered to them to restore the hairs back. There is all treatment option available to the patients who are coming there to get treatment. The basic strip surgical treatment of follicular unit transplant is also there in the state for those who want to get the surgery. In this treatment, hair follicles are extracted in form of strip. Hair follicles are extracted at once and they are dissected under a microscope. This surgical method is offered by almost all of the hair loss clinics in the state. Many experienced surgeons that have more than twenty years of experience in performing FUT surgery are there to treat the patients. The second treatment method known as follicular unit extraction is there for those who want to get a scar free treatment. In this procedure, less pain and bleeding is involved. In the method, hair follicles are obtained one by one form the donor area. The body to head transplant is there for those who do not have donor follicles on their scalp. RotoCore, 3-Step, ARTAS and Neograft are the latest FUE methods that are available in the transplant clinics of the state. These machines are manually operated and they help the patients in getting accurate surgeries.

The hair loss surgeries are much expensive in Washington as in the other states. You can find some clinics that are charging competitive fees from the patients. The total cost of treatment is dependant upon the number of hair grafts needed by a patent. The cost is also based upon the degree of hair loss and desired hair density by the patient. FUT is cheap as compared to the newer hair surgery FUE. Patients can also get appointment form the surgeon by visiting the official website. They can find the contact number and email of a clinic through its website. Hair Transplant in Washington follows all international standards. Despite they are charging high price from the patients, they are providing a high quality surgery.

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