Hair Transplant (FUE) in Valencia

Hair transplant in Valencia Spain

 Hair loss has become an issue for a majority of people these days and due to this, medical studies have introduced various methods to restore hair growth. All over the world, these methods are being used. In Spain, the latest developments and methods are in use but it is always advised that a candidate must have knowledge of all methods in order to make the right choice.

Hair restoration methods help people stop hair fall and some methods might even assist in growth of new hairs. However, the most effective and hassle-free method is the hair transplantation method. This is a surgical method that uses the present hair on the head. Hair is removed from an area of good growth and planted on the area of poor or no hair growth. This way, the planted hairs take up nutrition from the scalp and start to grow normally, providing coverage to the scalp. This method was initially used in the 1950s to help conceal scars on the scalp that resulted in baldness. These scars or irregularities are usually accidental or caused from burns or by birth. In order to conceal these scars and burns, the hair transplantation method was done. Due to its success and good results, it became a cosmetic surgery and has been helping people recover their self esteem by regularizing growth on the scalp. The non surgical methods of hair regeneration are very gradual and require long periods of time to show very minor results. At the same time, these methods require daily routines to be followed regularly and in case a person misses or skips a day, the treatment weakens. This is why many people prefer the hair surgery since it shows full coverage within a year of surgery and the results are phenomenal. The cost of transplantation surgery is more than that of many other methods but it is since the surgeon needed for the procedure and the results achieved are of high standards. The surgeon plays an integral role in the final result quality. During removal of hair from the donor site, the surgeon has to calculate what depth of the strand and follicle along with the support of skin must be cut in order to make it grow at the recipient site. This depth of the hair canal varies with individuals therefore the surgeon has to assess the patient’s hairs first. Secondly while plantation, the incision or pasting of small pieces of strips is done on the bald patch and it is necessary to maintain the natural hair direction and growth pattern. The reason this is done is to ensure a natural look. These days there are two main methods of hair transplantation, the strip harvest method and the follicular unit extraction method (FUE). In Strip harvest method, sharp instruments are used to remove a strip of hair from the back of the head or any other part which has good hair growth. This strip is then dissected into smaller unites and then planted on the bald patch. The wound from removing the strip of hair is stapled together by the use of surgical staples. The FUE procedure involves extraction of individual hair follicles and then planting these follicles on the bald patch. Before the procedure it is advised that the candidate does some research and finds a good surgeon and clinic for this kind of a procedure. Hair transplant surgeries are a sensitive procedure since the whole outlook of a person depends on this and it is difficult to entrust your appearance to a total stranger. The past patients’ testimonies, experiences and results must be observed before engaging any surgeon. Once the surgeon is selected, consultation takes place. During this consultation all the aspects of the procedure are discussed. The surgeon takes his patient’s history of medication and in case of any medical conditions such as diabetes or blood pressure, it is necessary for the doctor to be aware. Apart from this the doctor talks to his patient about his expectations and prepares him about the result of the surgery.

Hair restoration in Spain is done using the latest techniques. It is essential for a patient to be aware of all the methods used and the pros and cons of all of them. This helps the patient make the right choice and hence receive satisfactory results.

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