Hair Transplant in Uzbekistan Cost

Hair Transplant in Uzbekistan Cost depends upon number of grafts and hair restoration surgery technique. Traditionally strip procedure was carried out throughout the world but now most advance and latest Fue is being practiced in Uzbekistan. However hair loss and fall problem do exist among male and female patients.Hair transplant in Uzbekistan is not so much advanced and majority of people travel to neighboring countries and Pakistan is one of best destination for such kind of treatments.


There is flight between Lahore Pakistan and Tashkent by Uzbek Airline. It will take hardly two hours to reach Lahore and you can return next day after hair restoration treatment in Lahore Pakistan.

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  1. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir, hair transplantation and restoration surgeon is in Pakistan Lahore. Cost of hair restoration depends upon number of grafts. However average price is 800-2000 $.

  2. farhad /

    where is this Medical specialist? how much price every time ?

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