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Hair transplant clinics in Sweden – Cost Comparison

Hair transplant in Sweden is costly and expensive like other developed countries. You can get transplant surgery on reasonable and affordable cost in Sweden. Despite low costs, high quality results are achieved in the end.Sweden is the country of Europe that is considered the most peaceful country of the world. It has the best health infrastructure in Europe and it provides treatment to patients without any cost. It is the duty of the Swedish government to provide basic health treatment to every citizen by utilizing their taxes. Hair loss treatment  is a type of cosmetic surgery. It helps in restoring hairs to the bald and hairless areas of the scalp. Like other cosmetic surgeries, it is not included in any health insurance. Rarely a health insurance in Sweden can be found which is covering the cost of transplantation. So it is very important for Swedish people to find out the hair transplant costs at various clinics in Sweden before making any decision about this treatment.

Most Advanced hair transplant technique in Sweden

Different clinics are providing hair restoration procedures  in different cities of the Sweden. Each of these clinics charges according to different factors. One important factor affecting the cost is the type of methods that is selected for treatment. There are two treatments of hair restoration surgeries available in Sweden. One is traditional strip surgical method popularly known as follicular unit transplant. In this method, a metal strip is used to extract hair follicles from the scalp. Another method follicular unit extraction is now commonly available method in Sweden. In this treatment, hair follicles are extracted from the scalp one at a time. FUT is less expensive as compared to FUE. Average rate of FUT surgery ranges form twenty thousand to forty thousand in SEK in Sweden. FUE is costly as twice as FUT. One hundred thousand SEK are charged averagely in Swedish transplant clinics to perform FUE. The other factor that affects the cost of hair transplantation in Sweden is the location of clinic. If clinic is located in capital city of Stockholm, it will be costly. The clinics located in commercialized areas are also expensive in Sweden. Surgeons are also another factor that are affecting the over all estimated cost. Such surgeon that has years of experience and a specialization degree in transplant surgery always charges much money than inexperienced surgeon in Sweden. Online graft calculators are also available online that helps in estimating the cost of transplant in Sweden. But sometimes these grafts do not give authentic results. So it is advised to visit surgeon for an accurate price estimation of treatment. Initial consultancy is free in Swedish clinics, so patients can visit and get help from the surgeon.

Cheap hair transplant in Sweden

Sweden is offering hair loss treatments on the affordable and reasonable costs. It is one of those countries of Europe that are providing a cheap hair transplantation . People form different countries of the Europe visit Sweden for getting a transplant on a low rate than their home country. They can get excellent high quality results in low prices. They can save their up to fifty percent money.  It is important for patients coming from abroad to include the costs of air tickets and hotel rent along with the treatment prices. However there is recent trend to visit countries like Pakistan, India,Thailand, Mexico and Brazil for cosmetic surgery. These countries offer best cosmetic surgeries and most of surgeons are Board Certified and qualified from best institutes of Europe and America. You can have cheap fue in Pakistan and mega session of hair restoration consisting of 3000-5000 follicles would cost you 2000-4000 euro. Such low cost and affordable hair restoration is not possible anywhere in Europe with same international standards and results.

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    Hello waqar ali , 5000 grafts by Fue method will cost you 15000 Euro in Sweden. However we can give you 5% discount. Also search to get low cost Fue hair transplant in Pakistan or Turkey.

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