Hair Transplant Surgery Iran

Hair Transplant surgery Iran

Iran is one of those countries where medical science is progressing fast and while all the latest researches are done in the west, Iran is not lagging behind in any way. In historical times, Iran was known as Persia and it was the birth place of science and mathematics. Early scientists were from Persia and ever since, it has been a hub of medical science development. When cosmetic surgery was not common in Asia, it was available in Iran and people from countries like Pakistan and India traveled to Iran to get treatments such as plastic surgeries and hair transplant. In the Asian countries, as well as in the west; people are increasingly facing hair loss issues and there is a need to cater to their demand of curing this problem. Iran has many hair transplant clinics and surgeons who are few of the best in the region. The reason for that is that since medical facilities in Iran were always more, the exposures of people to procedures which are considered technical elsewhere were not treated majorly. People consider it a simple thing to avail services for aesthetic enhancement. Surgeries like nose jobs, feature enhancement are very common and there is significant medical tourism to Iran for these procedures. The hair transplant surgeries in Iran are up to the mark due to skilled surgeons and good clinical facilities. The hair transplant surgery can be done in two basic ways and the type of advancements in Iran make the latest technology and techniques easily accessible in lesser prices. It is a common fact that the prices of hair transplant treatments are very high in the European countries and the United States. There is a huge difference in prices in Iran while the accommodation, travel and procedure is simple and comfortable. Iran has had a fast growing medicine sector while there have been international sanctions and despite this, Iran is ranked fourth in terms of research work. This ensures a successful surgery while the doctors and environment is also amicable. The latest hair transplant methods such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and a new technique, known as sowing needle are commonly used in Iran. The goal of this method is to plant hair in the skin creating a desired angle and to perform an intensive cultivation. This technique produces very good results and is becoming more popular. Apart from these new techniques, the classic hair transplantation techniques are also in practice. If a candidate sees the websites or brochures of Iranian clinics, they can read the experiences of past patients in order to decide which surgeon to consult.

  1. Get 2500 follicles in 1000 euro by strip method including 2 night Free hotel stay.
  2. Get 2000 fue follicles in 1800 euro- 2 nights hotel stay included
  3. Get 4000 fue follicles in 3600 euro – 3 nights hotel stay included

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