Hair Transplant Surgery in Jeddah

Hair transplantation has become common since the advancements in the field have been rapid and people are gaining resources and afford to get expensive treatments. In Saudi Arabia, the local Arabs are all affluent while there is a small portion of the population in urban centers that is not resourceful. Apart from the local population a significant part of the society comprises of expatriates who are working in the kingdom to earn money. Such people usually do not have the kind of budget or mind set to spend a large amount of money for aesthetic reasons. In Jeddah and other urban settlements in Saudi Arabia there are many clinics and medical centers where hair restoration methods are being applied. However, a majority of people are advised to travel east while many stay in their own country to get the treatment done. Hair restoration methods provide relief from baldness but by far, the surgical method of transplanting hair is the most effective method. The non-surgical methods are more gradual in terms of results while the surgical method of hair restoration shows positive results sooner. The surgery starts by the cleansing of the scalp and is performed under the effect of local anesthesia. This is why the patient stays awake during the process. This time may be consumed in watching television or in reading a book. The surgeon starts taking out the strip or hair follicles according to the method chosen. Once the extraction is done, the patient and surgeon can take a few minutes rest before the plantation of follicles starts. The hair follicles need to be planted within a specific period to ensure that all of them remain viable. The plantation is sometimes done by the surgeon in a single session and sometimes it may take more than a single sitting to complete the transplant. The hair is usually extracted from the back of the head since the hair growth is best in that area. The procedure is completed after the plantation and the surgeon gives his patient a post surgery care routine to follow. This consists of intake of some pain killers and antibiotics to reduce any pain and to eradicate the chance of any infection. The baldness patterns are of two types, female and male patterns. The male pattern of baldness causes the person to lose hair from the crown of the head and the hairline to recede. In female hair loss pattern, the hair becomes thin and loses luster while the hair line remains constant. Gradually the hair becomes so thin and gaps appear on the scalp. Many believe that the female baldness pattern is complicated and therefore women are not good candidates for hair transplantation. In Jeddah, all kinds of cases can be dealt with but the only factor that needs consideration and also hinders a greater number of people to get this procedure done is the cost of the procedure.

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