Hair transplant surgery Dubai

Many clinics are providing hair transplant surgery in Dubai.It is famous for cosmetic surgery where most famous surgeons visit every month. Dubai is a multicultural place and people travel to Dubai from all around the world. Medical tourism is also common in Dubai people come from every corner of the world for having different medical procedures done.Many clinics offer world class hair transplant in Dubai. Many celebrities have got their hair restoration surgery done in Dubai. The surgery is a cosmetic procedure that can add up to your good looks. It enhances your appearance which baldness has deprived you of. People who are bald, got to suffer from different and various reactions from society which can damage their personality and effect is long term. The is the best ever invented solution to restore the self confidence of bald people. It is the resurrection of your previous looks that baldness has taken from you. Dubai is the place where you can fulfill your dreams of having your hair back with the high end techniques used  to achieve this wish.

Hair transplant surgery in Dubai is performed by taking your own follicles from donor area taken and transplanted them to the bald area. These follicles are extracted either one by one or in the form of a narrow strip and planted to your bald surface. The transplanted hair start growing after 3 to 4 months post surgery and then grow all life and you can do any treatment on them like perm, straightening, dying etc. every bald person is not a candidate for surgery, it depends on the nature and causes of the baldness. Some causes could be treated with medicine. The type of baldness which is not permanent and hair start re-growing with the use of medicine. The baldness that is permanent in nature that can only be treated with the  surgery. The results of surgery are lifetime. These hairs do not fall and remain growing all your life. Although this surgery is an expensive treatment but it is worth spending your money. However those who can not afford too much high price in Dubai travel to Pakistan for low cost procedure. Getting hair transplant surgery in Dubai is not an easy regarding price when we compare with neighboring countries.

Hair transplant Dubai

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Hair loss treatment Dubai

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Fue procedure in Dubai

     2500 Grafts by fue procedure by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry -Patient came from Dubai for hair transplant

Donor area after Fue procedure

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