Hair transplant surgery cost in pakistan

Hair transplant surgery cost in Pakistan.Hair restoration surgery is a forthcoming industry in Pakistan. Like the other countries of world, people in Pakistan are going for permanent treatments of hair restoration through hair transplant surgery. Now they don’t need to travel abroad for this treatment. Well specialized clinics and surgeons are found in all big cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Peshawar. This help in saving travel expense of affected patients. Many transplant clinics are present in different cities and they are facing heavy competition from each other. For this purpose they are charging a reasonable amount from patients. Their price is decreasing significantly day by day. But still it is expensive as compared to non surgical treatments of baldness.

It depends upon the baldness level of a person that how much grafts he or she needs. Some clinics are charging according to number of grafts. In Pakistan, average cost of a graft ranges from forty to fifty Pakistani Rupees. This price is nothing as compared to the United States where clinics are charging from four dollars to six dollars per graft. You need to multiply total number of grafts with the average cost per graft. You are required to pay less money if you need fewer numbers of grafts. Follicular unit extraction surgery is also expensive in Pakistan. Its cost is as twice as of traditional surgical methods. One hundred and twenty Pakistani Rupees are charged per FUE graft. In some patients, they need to repair transplant grafts which cost sixty Pakistani Rupees per graft. Hair transplant surgery cost in Pakistan ranges from one hundred and twenty five thousand Pakistani Rupees to one hundred and fifty five thousand Pakistani Rupees. If compared it with the United States, average cost of transplant is from four thousand dollars to fifteen thousand dollars. This price is considerably high as compared to Pakistan.

Transplant clinics in Pakistan are providing updated treatments with latest technologies to their patients. They are following all internationally set standards of transplant surgery. You can find best and specialized surgeons working there. Their treatment is the same as you can find in the United States or any other developed countries, but the treatment cost is cheap. People from different parts of world are coming to Pakistan for transplant treatment to save their money. With increase of medical tourism, this amount is increasing every year. Hair transplant surgery cost in Pakistan varies from surgeon to surgeon. Those who have specials degree in transplant with many years of experience are charging more fees as compared to those who are inexperienced and inexpert. Some illegal clinics are operating in Pakistan which do not follow international standards, lack basic facilitates and unhygienic conditions. These are operated by unskilled doctors who have no experience in transplant surgery. They usually charge very less as compared to other clinics, but treatment there is totally a waste of money. Paying some more money can give you permanent and safe hair restoration surgery with less side-effect.

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