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Lahore is a progressed city in the field of medical and cosmetic procedures. Hair transplant is one of those procedures which are done every day with expertise. There are numerous clinics in Lahore that are dedicated to only hair transplantation. Some of them are not up to the mark or follow the world class standards. However there are certain clinics in Lahore which have state of the art facilities in the field of hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant surgery is performed under local anesthesia, involving some risks also. So it is very important for the client to be educated enough to find out the professional or expert doctor who can perform this surgery.

Now a day people are very much conscious of their appearance and if someone is facing hair loss or baldness, it makes him feel low esteemed or unconfident. This is the reason people are now very much aware of the hair transplantation and it is the best remedy for bald people. It is the permanent solution for hair fall. Hair transplant is harvesting the hair follicles from one part, known as the donor area, to the bald part of the head. There is so much advancement in this surgery that hair could be extracted from any part of the body and implanted on your bald area. Commonly there are two types of harvesting techniques used in Lahore for hair transplant surgery. They are the Strip method which has its own uniqueness and the most commonly used technique. In this method a strip of hair is removed very finely and then after separating the grafts, they are implanted to the bald area. The other most advanced and refined technique which is used in Lahore clinic is the FUE(follicular unit extraction) . This is the process of extracting hair follicle one by one and planted it in the same way. This process is carried out in the most advanced countries around the world and in Lahore; we can proudly say that it is done with all the expertise required and with highly professional and qualified doctors.

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