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Hair Transplant Sialkot Clinic

Hair transplant in Sialkot is offered by some hair restoration clinics but due to lack of training and expertise mostly people travel to Lahore to get baldness treatment from a competent and skilled surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry. Baldness is a social problem and  a lot of people want to restore their lost hair back. There are two or three clinics in Sialkot city but people prefer to travel Lahore for quality hair restoration. There are various reasons for baldness and most common among male paient is hormonal. Similarly female hair loss or thinning is a treatable condition. There are two types of procedure which can give hair back. FUT and FUE for permanent procedure for regrowth of hair. Hair transplant in Sialkot is not performed according to international standards. Hepatitis B & C spread is common due to poor instruments sterilization. However these clinics and doctors give attractive packages to patients by offering low cost. Some people trap and mostly see before and after results of these clinics and prefer to visit Lahore for best results.

Quality hair transplant in Sialkot is possible?

Hair transplant in Sialkot cannot be of same quality as in Lahore or Islamabad. People of Sialkot are very conscious about their health and well being. instead of saving few thousand rupee they prefer to choose latest procedure called Fue. When you search on internet hair transplant review in Pakistan then Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is a well known and reputed name in Fue hair restoration.He is a qualified and certified surgeon from France. He is a trained and experienced surgeon and currently visiting Associate Professor in France. He has many credits in his career. He has competency, skill and proven record of performing mega and Giga session of Fue procedure by implanting 3000 grafts in single session.

An average hair transplant cost in Sialkot Vs Lahore

The average cost of hair transplant in Sialkot is 40,000 to 50,000 but mostly patients are unsatisfied from these clinics. While spending little extra in Lahore like 750000 Pak rupee , one may have quality results and satisfaction.  However Fue procedure is more highly priced but when we compare comfort, quick healing and growth of hair in the donor area then Fue is a best method.

  • Get 2500 follicles in 1000 euro.
Hair Transplant Result

Single session result by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry


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