Hair Transplant in Shiraz Cost

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello jahfar , There are two kind of hair transplant techniques
    1- FUE –
    2- FUT-
    Please click the links for detail. How much does hair transplant cost? Click this link to know about our prices.

    The procedure is performed in 5 hours and hair growth start after three months. There is mild pain or discomfort after the procedure which is controlled by medication.

  2. jahfar /

    just i need to get information about hair transplantation ,my front head all most no hair so for transplantation how much will cost,how many days will take and after any side effect like headache or any..

  3. admin / Post Author

    Sir, cost of hair transplant in Shiraz is 4000-8000$ and people travel to our clinic for quality and affordable hair transplant surgery. We charge 1000 euro for 2500 grafts which is not possible any clinic in Shiraz.

  4. admin / Post Author

    Hello, it is very sad to hear all about your bad experience. We can correct your hair transplantation and implant new follicles as well to give you more density. Please send us close up views to evaluate further.

  5. Hair Transplant surgery /

    I have one hair transplant surgery in Shiraz but there are lot of problems and i don’t want to go again. I am not satisfied with result, look seems ugly and detectable,gap in the transplanted hair. I am willing to travel as your clinic seems in Pakistan for my corrective hair transplantation.

  6. Hair transplant cost in Shiraz /

    Hello Doctor, what is cost of hair transplant in Shiraz?

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