Hair Transplant in Saudi Arabia Cost

Hair Transplant Cost in Saudi Arabia comparison with Abroad

Hair loss and baldness can be treated by hair transplant in Saudi Arabia in Male and female patients. The procedure is performed by Board Certified surgeon, in which follicles are taken from the donor area of the head (usually back of the head) and transplanted into recipient area. Usually the treatment is completely performed in more than one session. Alopecia is caused by a number of reasons like hormonal changes, stress, depression, aging and due to a genetics. The major reason of complete baldness is androgenetic alopecia. In this disease, a hormone DHT causes the hair to miniaturize and finally fall. However, it is necessary to know the root cause before starting the treatment. Hair transplant in Saudi Arabia cost range is 15000 to 20,000 SR.

 Suitable Candidates

  • If you’re suffering from pattern baldness.
  • If you’ve lost your hair completely.
  • If you want to recover the scars of the scalp.
  • If you want to increase the density and thickness.

The process of transplant is very safe and performed under local anesthesia. Two types of procedures of hair transplant in Saudi Arabia are carried out normally. These are:

  1. FUT transplant
  2. FUE transplant

In strip process, a narrow strip of follicles is taken from the regions containing thick hair, whereas in FUE transplant, individual follicles are taken from the donor sites. The process is completed in one or two sessions and the final concluding result may take up to 1 year. After a month of transplantation, the planted or grafted follicular units falls out and new hair grows.

 Hair Loss treatment clinics in Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia is the largest state of the Middle East and the biggest source of oil with the population of more than 60 million people. In Saudi Arabia; Rate of baldness is higher than in Europe and 5 out of 10 citizens undergo hair transplantation in Saudi Arabia at some stage in their lives.  According to a research, 50 % males and 5 % females of this country are badly affected with hair loss patches and they spend more than 20 million Riyals every year on this procedure.To cure and transplant the hair, there are about 60 expert and professional clinics and an average price of a single follicle is SR 10, and the surgeons or doctor there are highly specialized in this technique while some of them are registered part of worldwide hair restoration societies. There are many clinics in the cities of Saudi Arabia like Jeddah and Dammam. In Jeddah the leading centers for transplantation are; King Faisal Specialist Hospital and International Medical Center.  However, the prices for transplant in Saudi Arabia is very high therefore Saudi people travel to other Asian countries like Pakistan and Thailand to get a transplant done in minimum rates possible.

Other hair restoration techniques:

Other than FUE and FUT method, other  methods are also popular in this country like:

  • Tissue expansion:

A Tissue expander is positioned under a dense growth area and after some weeks, it causes the growth of new skin cells.

  • Scalp reduction:

In this procedure, the bald area is removed and the adjacent area containing hairs are pulled together.

  • Flap transfer:

In this type, a long flap of scalp containing hair is removed and planted in the bald area and then donor area is closed by stretching the skin from upper and below on the donor site.However, ask your surgeon for every minor and major detail before the transplant.

FUE procedure step by step

fue hair transplantation donor area

Fue donor area immediately after 2500 follicles extraction by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry

Follicle unit Extraction Saudia Arabia Riyadh

2nd day of fue by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry

Right view fue transplant

Right sided view of 2500 fue grafts in single session

FUE hair transplant in Riyadh

2500 fue follicles – mega session

Hair Transplant in Riyadh

Frontal half area marking for 2500 fue grafts

Hair transplantation Saudi Arabia

Marking and frontal hairline design

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello Younis munir ahmad, We do not have any hair transplant clinic or branch in Jubail and people travel to our clinic Lahore for low cost and affordable Fue hair transplant procedure.

  2. Younis munir ahmad /

    I am in jubail if you have branch in jubail please send me your location.
    I want treatment of hair .


  3. admin / Post Author

    Hello Nawaz alam , We are located in Lahore Pakistan
    Cosmoderma Clinic

    31 A -Ali Zeb road Block C-3
    Gulberg-3 Firdous Market
    Lahore Pakistan
    Tel: +92-42-3587-4529

  4. Nawaz alam /

    I want to transplant also but send me location in jizan please

  5. admin / Post Author

    Hello mdsiddiqui , Fue hair transplant procedure will give you permanent hair on your head. There is no need to take care of these hair as these will grow naturally. If you can send us your hair loss area close up photos from different angles then we can guide and help you in a better way. Already we sent you email so you can check your spam as well as inbox.

  6. mdsiddiqui /

    Wanna permanent hair also with out care and if I go with fue what will be the cost of fue

  7. admin / Post Author

    Hello md raja , We don’t have any branch or clinic for hair restoration in Jubail and Dammam.Our clinic is situated in Lahore Pakistan.

  8. md raja /

    Sir I want to know that is there any hair transplant clinic in jubail or at least dammam area I will be thankfull

  9. admin / Post Author

    Hello Zahid, you are welcome and call our appointment specialist 0333-430-9999 and get your consultation time.

  10. admin / Post Author

    Hello Zain, Please send us your bald or hair loss area so that we can give you estimate. Please send those pictures from different angles , including donor area. Email:
    Our Fue hair transplant cost is 1.00$US for 1 follicle or graft.

  11. zain /

    Sir am living in dammam , last time hair transplant but i need more hair so what is the price of hair transplant . Last time FUE coverd little bit area of my head but i think it look not a enough of my head… so please tell me about your procedure and term of condition and also tell me about the price of FUE process

  12. zahid /

    I lose my hair 80 % i want to visit your clinic give me the appointment after 5 o clock.thanks

  13. admin / Post Author

    Hello Farhan Ullah, there are many options of baldness treatment beside hair transplantation. There are non surgical replacement you can opt and its sort of wig or artificial hair. You may cover your baldness by this system.

  14. admin / Post Author

    Hello Khaleel, We can restore your hair and our charges are 1.00$US for one follicle or graft. If you can send us your close up pictures then we can suggest you in a better way and approximate cost. You may send your pics Email :
    -Transplanted hair will start growth after three months and you will see complete growth between 9 to 11 months.
    Warm Regards

  15. Khaleel /

    Hello I am 27yr my hairs are fall in u shape kindly I want to know how much graft does it take and cost and the duration to regroup the normal hairs

  16. Farhan Ullah /

    is there any other treatment for baldness except transplantation ??????
    Waiting for your replay as soon as posible

  17. admin / Post Author

    Hello Adnan Asif, please check your inbox as well as spam email. We replied you in detail.
    Looking forward to hear you soon !
    Warm Regards

  18. Adnan Asif /

    Assalam O Alikum,

    Can u please tell me the actual cost for hair transplant. so it will be easy for me to make appointment ASAP. i will wait your reply.


  19. admin / Post Author

    Hello,our cheapest package for hair transplant in Riyadh starts from 15000 SR to 25000 SR. We will suggest you to visit abroad like Pakistan for cheap hair transplant. Regards

  20. admin / Post Author

    Hello, hair transplant cost in Saudi Arabia is 20,000 SR for mega session and most of patient save their money by visiting our branch in Lahore Pakistan where you can get 4000 to 8000 SR treatment.

  21. admin / Post Author

    Hello, yes we can transplant and its called body hair transplant and we charge 2.00$ for 1 graft in such cases.

  22. admin / Post Author

    Hello, please click this link to see address
    We charge 50 rupee/graft = strip procedure
    Fue = 100 rupee/graft

  23. khalid /

    hi i want to do hair transplant. i am live dammam saudia . i need a cost and address pleas

  24. Mirza /

    pls advice if I can have my bottom hair transplanted to my head.

  25. Imran Qureshi /

    Do you have any clinic in saudia where you can conduct hair transplant? as I’m working in saudia wanted to get it done here.

  26. amir hussain talib /

    kindly send me cheep paikge in rayidh about 2000-2500 points

  27. admin / Post Author

    Hello,Surely we can solve your baldness and hair loss problem. We are based in Lahore Pakistan and do not have any branch in Dammam.

  28. Faheem /

    Bro ,

    i have same problem i want hair transplant plz send to me your complete pak adress and cost detail of hair transplant . i will wait for your ans consciously

  29. admin / Post Author

    Hello, Fue hair transplant is a stitches free and without incision procedure. The procedure will take 5-6 hours and 2000-2500 grafts would be implanted. Our charges starts 130 rupee/follicles by Fue method and 60 rupee/graft by strip or FUT method. We are based in Lahore Pakistan. There will be no side effect or any health related problem after hair restoration procedure.We have experienced team and surgeon.

  30. enrico /

    do you have a branch clinic in al khobar,saudi arabia? and what is your shedule of consultation?

  31. admin / Post Author

    Hello, there are few clinics and hospitals in Saudi Arabia offering hair transplant in Riyadh. Hair transplant cost in Riyadh 15,000SR to 20,000SR while you can get best quality hair transplant in Pakistan between 75000 to 200,000 Pak rupee.


    hello sir,
    i m working in Riyadh ,so which hospital is sufficent to me ,and how much cost here,,and plz tell about his side effects after transplanting ,..
    i m wtg fr ur ans
    i m frm Pakistan

  33. ushad mohammed /

    hi hi i want to do hair transplant. i am live dammam . i need a cost and address pleas

  34. admin / Post Author

    Hello sayyad, cost of hair transplant depends upon area of baldness and number of grafts requirement. Surgeon will be Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry who has 15 years hair restoration procedure experience. We are located in Lahore Pakistan, Transplanted hair will grow after 3 months from procedure.

  35. admin / Post Author

    Sir,we don’t have any branch or hair transplant clinic in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. We are based in Lahore Pakistan. If you are willing we can make all your arrangements for travel and safe return. However cost for 2500 follicles through strip method will be 1200 $

  36. admin / Post Author

    Hello Jamil, hair transplant cost depends upon number of follicles/roots. For example if you need 1000 roots ,cost will be 70,000 Pak rupee and procedure will be FUT (strip).

  37. admin / Post Author

    Hello Saad Fazal, we are sure there will be some hair transplant clinics in Jeddah. You can search on net or local yellow pages. However hair transplant cost in Jeddah will be ten to twenty thousand SR.

  38. Saad Fazal /

    I am an indian, staying in Jeddah. I am willing to carry hair transplantation, is any reliable hospital for this purpose in jeddah, if yes then give me the address. Also say me what will be its charges in riyals.


    Saad Fazal

  39. jamil /

    how much cost less then less

  40. sayyad /

    my head some area bald so hw much is the cost?whos the surgian?also were is ur location?cost?hw lona it take grow hair?

  41. Amin /

    Dear Sir,

    I am a male 29 years of age. I’m looking for my next hair transplant surgery. I had undergone a HT in India in September 2011. My hairs in the middle part on the top of my head are going scarce. I need a reconstructive surgery with probably 2500 Follicles. Please provide me your costs and address for appointment in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

  42. Sunil vc /

    , I am completely bald. I have visited hair transplant clinic . Hair transplant cost in Al Riyadh is on high end. I want to book hair restoration Waiting for your reply.i want know afeter transplant getting any side effect,,pls let me know

  43. admin / Post Author

    Sir, We charge 1800 euro for 2000 grafts and 3600 euro for 4000 grafts by fue hair restoration procedure.

  44. Francis Vinoj /

    sir i am working in Dammam ,saudi arabia , i need hair transplantation surgery . i want to know the cost of the surgery . kindly reply me.

  45. admin / Post Author

    Hello Om Sara, 5 months are very early to predict outcome of your first hair transplant in USA. You should wait for 2-4 months more for complete hair transplantation result. However we are sure you did not have any hormonal or iron deficiency status. If after 9-11 months you need further density, we can transplant more follicular units.

  46. OM SARA /

    i HAD HAIR TRANSPLANT IN usa before 5 month and i need more hair, how much it will cost me to have about 1200 more ?

  47. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir, we will be happy to provide you best hair transplant result.Please send us close up view of your bald as well as recipient area so that we can give you estimate of grafts and cost.

  48. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Hello! hair transplantation and restoration procedure cost in Saudi Arabia is 5000-8000 $. If you want cheap hair transplant then you can travel and have more number of follicles in less amount.For example 2000-2500 follicles will cost you 1400-1600$ only.

  49. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Hello! hair transplantation and restoration procedure cost in Saudi Arabia is 5000-8000 $. If you want cheap hair transplant then you can travel and have more number of follicles in less amount.For example 2000-2500 follicles will cost you 1400-1600$ only.

  50. Hair Loss Treatment /

    Hi, I am from egypt but working in Saudi Arabia and have one session few years back from Cairo. I am not happy with my previous hair transplant surgery result.I searched on internet and found your hair transplant surgery clinic doing excellent work. Please help me so that i can travel for hair restoration.

  51. How much does hair transplant cost in Saudi Arabia /

    Sir, i am looking some cheap hair restoration and can you please tell me how much does hair transplant cost in Saudi Arabia?

  52. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir, we are pleased to answer your question. Hair transplant cost in Al Riyadh Saudi Arabia is too much high and our hair restoration clinic solve your budget problem. cost of hair transplant for 2200 with strip method is 4500 SR and if you choose FUE procedure, then cost will be 6300 SR.We have email you all detail and our appointment specialist is already in contact with you.

  53. Hair Transplant Al Riyadh /

    Hi, I am completely bald. I have visited hair transplant clinic in Al Riyadh and doctor suggested me 2200 grafts. Hair transplant cost in Al Riyadh is on high end. I found your clinic and hair transplantation prices are affordable. I want to book hair restoration date at the end of Aug 2012. Waiting for your reply.

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