Hair Transplant Restoration in London- UK

Hair Transplant Restoration in London- UK is not affordable and surgeons charge very heavily like 12000 GBP to 15000 GBP and mostly people search cheap hair restoration clinics in UK or abroad. Like other parts of the world, certain clinics can be found in UK that are offering cheap hair implantation. It is important to check their reputations and inquired about the surgeons or dermatologists working there. Cost of transplant depends upon the number of grafts required by patients and method selected for transplant. Hair restoration is the surgical method of hair restoration that uses hair follicles to re grow health hair on the bald areas of the scalp. From late 1990s, this treatment started becoming available in developed countries of the world like USA, Canada and UK.  Hair replacement is one of those treatments in UK that are expensive and costly. Like other cosmetic surgical treatments, transplant is also not covered under any health insurance. Citizens of UK affected by baldness and partial hair loss are always in search of a cheap hair treatment. Different cities of the UK have such transplant clinics that are offering transplant surgery on fewer prices. Cost of the transplant is also dependent upon the method that is being used for the hair restoration treatment. Two methods of transplant surgery are currently available in UK. One is traditional method known as follicular unit transplant or FUT that uses a strip to remove hair follicles from the scalp. As less time and work is involved in this method, this method is considered alow cost method. In UK, cheap FUT graft can be obtained in two pounds only. The second method which is known as follicular unit extraction or FUE is a latest method of transplant. In this transplant treatment, hair follicles are extracted by surgeon one at a time. A small punch is used to separate follicular units from the surrounding and later pulled out by the surgeon. FUE takes much time and concentration of transplant surgeon, so it is the expensive method of transplant. Cheaper FUE graft obtained in UK costs four pounds.

 Another important factor that makes a treatment cheaper or expensive in UK is the number of grafts required by a patient. Cost will increase as the number of grafts increases. Multiply the cost of graft with the numbers of grafts needed and you can have an accurate estimated price. The larger the balding area, the more price will be required for treatment. If the fewer grafts are required by a patient, the transplant will become cheap for that patient. Birmingham, Cardiff, Maid stone, Manchester and Lancaster have some clinics that are providing cheap hair transplantation in UK considerably less than others. Some one in need of cheap transplant can search such clinics with the help of advertisements published in newspapers, fashion magazines and on local channels. They can get relevant addresses and phone numbers of clinics from these advertisements.

Hair loss surgery  requires skills and experience of a surgeon to attain best results. Very few surgeons are present inn the world that has specifically specialized in transplant surgery. Same is the case with surgeons in the UK. This is the reason they charge high fees for transplant. It also takes much time of a surgeon to perform surgery accurately. Those who are charging less in the UK are inexpert and unskilled physicians. Some of them are offering cheap transplant in UK even thirty hundred grafts in thirty hundred pounds. They can end up in wasting patient’s money. The procedure is performed by hair restoration surgeons in Bath, Birmingham, Bradford, Brighton, Hove, Bristol, Carlisle Cambridge, Canterbury Chester, Chichester Coventry Derby Durham Ely Exeter Gloucest Hereford Kingston-upon-Hull Lancaster Leeds Leicester Lichfield Lincoln Liverpool and  London. However due to lack of insurance support less hair restoration doctors and clinics are performing this procedure. Hair loss treatments are available over the counter but surgical hair replacement in UK is costly. In this era of internet one can search cheap hair transplant in UK as some  clinics have special offers at the occasion of summer and winter called packages.

Hair loss treatment cost in Bath, Birmingham, Bradford, Brighton, Hove, Bristol, Carlisle Cambridge, Canterbury Chester, Chichester Coventry Derby Durham Ely Exeter Gloucest Hereford Kingston-upon-Hull Lancaster Leeds Leicester Lichfield Lincoln Liverpool and London is in the range of 4000£ to 11000£. However there is one affordable hair regaining solution. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry MBBS,MD (Paris),visiting Associate Professor Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 France offered FUE & strip procedure packages at his Lahore clinic. The most popular package is 2000 FUE grafts/day in 1800 Euro. Most of people take online appointment, consultation and booking for hair restoration procedure. His professional staff make all necessary arrangement for visa, hotel and pick and drop from hotel.

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Crown area after 1 day

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Crown area day 1 post op.

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