Hair Transplant Replacement Restoration in Bahawalpur

Hair Transplant in Bahawalpur – though there are very few clinics in this city but affording people travel to Lahore for quality hair restoration. The city has very few hair loss experts and  clinics in Bahawalpur.  Standard of Hair transplant in Bahawalpur can not be compared with hair restoration clinics in Lahore Islamabad and Karachi. Hair surgeons in Lahore Islamabad and Karachi are more experienced, qualified and skilled. They are participating in the international conferences and keep themselves at par with top surgeons of the world. What is difference between hair restoration surgery in Bahawalpur, Multan, Rahim Yar Khan and Lahore? These are few features of best restoration :-

  • Hairline looks natural, undetectable and thick.
  • No scar on the donor area
  • There should be no pitting (depression) and elevation on the scalp
  • Hair shaft curvature should follow the natural angle of exit.
  • No see through or gap in between the hairs.
Single follicular hair transplantation

Single follicles with 1,2,3 hair

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  1. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir,hair transplant surgery isa science of skill,knowledge and artistry. You have mentioned Four hair transplant problems with your previous procedure from Bahwalpur hair transplant clinic.
    1- Unnatural look and frontal hairline is detectable.
    2- You have scar on the donor area and need repair with Tricphytic Closure so that scar will disappear in your repair hair transplant surgery.
    3-You have less number of transplanted hair growth than you have been told. It means you have density issue as well.
    4- Your forehaed became small after hair transpplantation… means your hairline is too low and now it looks ugly.
    Yes we can correct such kind of mistakes by any hair loss specialist or surgeon. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry MBBS,MD (Paris),Visiting Associate Professor Claude Bernard University Lyon1 France has 14 years experience and he has corrected many hair transplant cases from that particular clinic in Bahawalpur.We have your email detail and some of our staff member will coordinate with you for corrective and repair hair transplant surgery.
    -Hair transplant cost for repair surgery is between 75000-150,000 pak rupee.

  2. Tariq /

    I had hair transplant surgery from some local clinic in Bahawalpur 2 years earlier. I was told that 6000 hair has been transplanted.I was happy after the hair transplant procedure and waited for 14 months to see my result.Some transplanted hair growth was there but result is not satisfactory and i am depressed. I have scar on the back and frontal hairline is not natural, very low and my forehead became small.
    I am very confused and want corrective hair surgery from Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry. Is it possible that Dr.Ahmad correct my previous bad surgery? what will be cost of hair transplant surgery?

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