Hair Transplant Philippines Cost

People suffering from hair loss are always in search of such destination from where they can get a low cost hair restoration surgery. In Philippines, patients can obtain a high quality hair transplant on a very reasonable cost. Philippines, that is officially known as Republic of Philippines is located in Southeast of the Asia. It is having population of ninety two million people. It is an island where people are having diverse languages, cultures and ethnicity. This is one of those countries of the world that has a poor health care system. Basic treatments are not available for every citizen. A very few doctors are there in the country. But despite this, it is one of the countries that are providing the low cost and best hair restoration surgeries to the patients. The surgical treatment involves transferring of follicles from one place to another. In the country, the surgeries are obtained on a reasonable cost to the citizens and those who are coming here from abroad.  The total cost of the treatment is affected by many factors in Philippines. The cost important is the number of hair follicle grafts that are used during the surgical procedure. Most of the clinics in the country use this method to calculate the total money needed by the patients for surgery. Cost of a single hair graft is fixed. This cost is multiplied by the total number of grafts that are needed by patient. The patients who need more hairs in their balding areas have to pay more money for their surgery. In many clinics, as the number of hair grafts is increased, the cost of single graft decreases. The other factor is the experience and qualification of the surgeon who will perform the surgery on the patient. Those who many years’ expericne and provide have guaranteed result in the end charge more money from the patients. The surgeons that have less experience in this field charge fewer fees from the patients.

Hair surgeries are obtained on a lower cost from the country. Another important factor that regulates the total price is the method that patients select for their treatment. Follicular unit transplant is the older method of hair restoration surgery. It is also known as strip surgical method. This treatment is available at a very low cost in the country. The reason is that very less time of doctors is required for this surgery. Average rate of a single FUT graft in the country is one dollar. In this treatment, hair follicles are harvested from the donor area of the scalp with the help of a strip. The doctors that are performing the treatment have many experiences in handling this surgery. This all makes FUT a very cheap surgery in this country. Follicular unit extraction is a newly introduced method in the country. Patients who want to go for this treatment have to pay more fees for this surgical procedure. It costs as double as FUT because it takes much time and effort of the doctor.  Hair follicles are harvested individually from the scalp and a doctor cannot obtain more than seven hundred and fifty FUE grafts in a single session. The average cost of single FUT grafts is two dollars.

Due to the low treatment costs, patients from different countries of the world came here to get their hair restoration surgery. In their home land the rate of a single graft ranges from four to ten dollars. They came here to save their money that they needed to pay in their country. This is also not included in any health insurance. It is very difficult for most of the patients to pay thousand dollars for this surgical treatment. It is a leading industry of Philippines. Patients can also check the costs of the treatments offered in country from different websites and discussion forums. Despite the Price of Hair Transplant in Philippines is less, but it is advised to patients that they should find the renowned surgeons and check their reputation before the treatment.However hair transplant cost in Pakistan is less than Philippines.

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