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Hair transplant centers in Peshawar

Hair transplant in Peshawar Pakistan was introduced by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry 17 years earlier.It is an art and full expertise required to do it aesthetically and our clinic is Peshawar  create a new image of you in the society. Hair loss can be devastating for anyone who is going through it and baldness can negatively affect your personality at any age. It is very important to know the cause of your hair loss. We educate a candidate who has decided upon a hair transplant in Peshawar Lahore Islamabad. Our experts are always guiding the patient online for their convenience. After you find out the reason of your hair fall the next most important step is to find the right clinic and surgeon for hair restoration in Pakistan. No need to worry now, our world class clinic in Peshawar has solved your worries and promised to provide you the best of the services related to hair treatments. Our clinic is committed to spread awareness in people who wants to go for hair restoration surgery in Pakistan or Peshawar. Proper education is very important because there are many doctors  who are not properly qualified or certified hair surgeons. Still they are carrying out these hair implanting procedures and come up with bad results and produce very negative effect on the minds of people who are planning a hair restoration surgery in Peshawar. So, it is extremely important to have knowledge of a good surgeon and clinic for wonderful and desired results.

Hair transplant Techniques in Peshawar 

Hair replacement is a fragile and time taking procedure but if it is done with proper care and expertise, it can do wonder and provide the client a sense of satisfaction and confidence, which he has lost with hair loss. In Peshawar the methods which are used for baldness treatment are Strip harvesting and FUE. Both are done very professionally taking world class standards in mind. Book now your appointment with our expert surgeon for more assistance and information. We are more than willing to solve all your queries regarding hair restoration surgery.

Hair transplant in Jeddah Riyadh Madinah

Fue procedure result after 1 year

Fue procedure

Follicular Unit Extraction

Hair Transplant Cost in Peshawar

Hair transplant cost in Peshawar is based on number of grafts (roots), area of baldness, FUE Vs FUT hair restoration technique, surgeon experience and qualification.

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello Mr. saeed, if you book in advance then 15 days are enough for your procedure. This procedure takes 5-6 hours and you need next day visit to our clinic for check up and later on you are free to travel anywhere.

  2. saeed /

    How many days I need to get hair transplant procedure ,cus I have only 15 days holidays with me up coming December! Thank you

  3. admin / Post Author

    Hello Faisal, we charge 70 rupee/graft through Strip procedure.

  4. faisal /

    i went to dr humayun in Peshawar for hair transplant he told me it will cost 90.000 Pakistani rupees so how much u guys charge for hair transplant

  5. admin / Post Author

    sir, our fue hair transplant cost is 120 Pak Rupee/graft or 1.00 euro for one fue graft. However if you need more than 2000 grafts then we can give you some % discount.

  6. Hair Transplant in Peshawar /

    I am bald from sides and frontal area. I have estimated my grafts by graft calculator and i need to have hair transplantation. I am interested in fue hair transplant procedure as it seems pain and stitches free.
    What is hair transplant cost?

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