Hair Transplant Pakistan

How to get information about hair transplant in Pakistan 

 Hair transplant surgeries are being done everywhere in the world but every patient wants a satisfactory result within lesser cost. This kind of a procedure can be received in Pakistan where renowned surgeons perform hundreds of procedures every day. The cost of a hair restoration surgery in Pakistan is lesser than many western developed countries.

It is the surgical method of removing hair from an area of good  growth and planting it on an area where growth is reduced or absent. This procedure was first introduced in Japan to treat people who had scars on the scalp and needed hair coverage on marks produced by accidents and burns. Due to the successful results, it became a cosmetic procedure. Hair loss is a problem that is faced by a large number of people today. There are many causes of alopecia and once a person decides to get any kind of treatment, he must get a proper check up done by a doctor. This is advised to identify the reason of hair loss and any kind of hair restoration is useless unless the cause of the problem is not corrected. It is a common phenomenon that when a person is looking for a hair transplant surgery, they keep two factors in mind; the cost and the end result. Pakistan is one of the few places where cheap yet good surgeries are being performed. In Pakistan, hair transplantation and other forms of hair restoration is being offered and the surgeons are skilled and well qualified. This is why the medical tourism to Pakistan is significantly increasing and there is a greater influx of patients from all over the world. Pakistan is a cheaper destination for anyone who seeks hair restoration treatment and there is no compromise on the quality of the surgeries being done. The major cities of Pakistan have a large number of clinics and medical centers where cosmetic surgeries are being performed, using the latest techniques and methods. The surgical method of hair restoration requires skill and expertise on the part of the surgeon therefore it is recommended that any potential candidate must do some research prior to the procedure. This helps a person in understanding the various steps of surgery and also the amount of grafts needed in his or her particular case. Almost all surgeons and clinics maintain websites from where it can easily be deduced whether a doctor is skilled and has a large number of patients or not. Pakistani surgeons offer lower costs of procedures and the results are good and long lasting. The average cost of a surgery ranges between Rs 70,000 to Rs140,000. The hair restoration surgery is a complicated procedure and therefore one must be very vigilant in selecting a good surgeon who is reputed for performing successful operations and producing good results. The hair surgeries in Pakistan are done using the latest techniques and the most modern equipment. There are two main methods , the strip method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. The strip method involves removal of a strip  from an area of good hair growth and then planting it on the bald patch after dissecting in smaller units. This method leaves a scar on the donor site, from where the strip is removed. The FUE method is more technical and involves the extraction of individual follicles which are then planted on the bald patch. The surgeon has to keep in mind the direction as well as the growth pattern of the existing follicles and then plant the new follicles in the same manner to give a natural look. When done skillfully, a hair surgery is not detectable by anyone. In Pakistan, many surgeons visit other cities and countries on a weekly or monthly basis and offer consultation as well as surgeries to patients of other locations.  Hair Transplant Pakistan is one of the cheapest and most successful surgeries found anywhere in the world. The reason for this is the availability of medical services at cheaper cost while the results are excellent and long lasting.

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