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Hair loss is normal but if the shedding exceeds more than 100 hairs per day, then it’s time to get expert help. Androgenetic alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss, this disease can be healed well (with the help of medicines) in the early stages because in the later stages, it becomes hard to prevent hair fall. In the east, the prices for the transplantation is very less than in the west and states like Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia are even lesser. Oman is an Arab state and also known as Sultanate Oman, many citizens have the disease of hair loss and many clinics offer their help to cure this problem. They present medical and non-medical solutions to the people of Oman. Some people prefer herbal or homeopathic treatments too for the restoration of the hair.

Medical Treatments:

Other than these treatments, they go for the medicines like Finasteride and Minoxidil. These both medicines are FDA approved and they normalize the DHT in the body. Finasteride is used in tablet form, and is every effective to treat male pattern baldness while Minoxidil comes in a solution form that people rub on the scalp. These medicines are cheap and everyone can afford them. However, these drugs cannot treat complete baldness.

Hair treatment cost in Oman:

Hair transplantation is the permanent solution for male pattern baldness. The most common method is FUT technique, in which a strip of hair is taken from the back of the head of the patient; the procedure is carried out under the local anesthesia. It is a safe method and has very minimum side effects. The second best method for hair surgery is FUE transplantation, in this particular type, hair follicles are taken individually. It also causes less pain and scars. Both of the surgeries are available in Oman and give natural looking outcome, however, FUE is very expensive than FUT. Oman has all the modern technologies for the treatment of alopecia. Clinics and surgeons are equipped with modern equipment. Other than this, many famous foreign surgeons also visit the Oman including Pakistani, Indian and Chinese doctors and most of the government clinics and hospitals give bookings and appointment from these doctors and surgeons

But they charge heavy fees and the cost of transplantation in Oman is charged in Rials and these costs are many times higher than usual prices, therefore most of the people prefer to travel to other countries like Pakistan, Malaysia, Mexico, Thailand and Brazil to get the transplant done.  The price in Pakistan for the transplant starts from one thousand to three thousand dollars. It means you can save up to 60 % by getting the surgery from Pakistan and other developing countries. The average price of a single graft of FUT transplant starts from the half dollar whereas in Oman the average rate is four to six dollars for a single graft. Other than strip technique, the FUE method is also available in these countries at a cheap and reasonable price. For FUE transplant the fee for a single graft is one to two dollars. So the most sensible decision to get a quality treatment done is to travel to these countries but if you can afford the prices in Oman then do some research for the prices first and then get a transplant from the clinic you want!

Our hair restoration and transplantation clinic has more than 15 years experience and we have references in thousands. Our surgeon Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry MBBS,MD (Paris),Visiting Associate Professor in France personally performs hair loss surgery to every patient and an experienced doctor.


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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello, If you choose 2000 fue grafts, cost will be 600 Omani Rial. However this price is valid for our clinic in Lahore Pakistan.

  2. Anonymous /

    Sir i want 2000 graft. how it coast in omani riyal

  3. admin / Post Author

    Hello Rajamani, hair transplant cost depends upon area of baldness and hair restoration technique ( FUE Vs.FUT). If you can send us your close up photos from different angles then we can give you better idea. Email:

  4. Rajamani /

    hai sir i am in sohar,oman
    i need hair transplant treatment,
    pls send treatment cost,,,

  5. admin / Post Author

    Hello wajidkhan , You can communicate on Whats app +92-333-430-9999

  6. wajidkhan /

    Hi sir plz give me your what’s App number

  7. admin / Post Author

    Hello Ali, These are our different Fue -FUT hair transplant packages and prices
    Fue 1000 grafts or less = No Discount on 1000 grafts 1000$ or 100,000 Pak rupee
    FUE 2000 grafts= 2000$ and after 20% Discount 1600 $US or 160,000 Pak Rupee

    4000 FUE grafts = 4000$ and after 20% OFF 3200$US or 320,000 Pak Rupee

    Strip (FUT) Surgery 2500 Follicles = 800 $US or 80,000 Pak Rupee after 20% Discount.

  8. Ali /

    Hello sir I am Pakistani but now living in oman sir one graft how much for fue I want 2500 graft fue please tell me

  9. admin / Post Author

    Hello, we charge 1.00$ for 1 fue graft. We are based in Lahore Pakistan.You may write or send us your close up pics :-

  10. suresd /

    need a cost,,and address

  11. admin / Post Author

    Hello Sajith, At the moment we do not offer hair transplant in Muscat and people travel to Pakistan for Fue procedure.

  12. Sajith /

    Place give contact number in muscut

  13. admin / Post Author

    Hello, we sent you email regarding our special packages. We are based in Lahore and do not have any clinic in Muscat.


    Sir do u HV clinc in muscat

  15. admin / Post Author

    Hello, please click this link for clinic location, contact and other detail.

  16. lotif rana /

    Whr is the clinic in muscat?n ur contact no of mucat?it will b a great help for me.I would love to meet u.plzzzz it’s a request from me!!!!!!!

  17. sohil /

    where is the clinic in muscat ?what is the contact number in muscat??

  18. admin / Post Author

    Sir, You have requested price for 1000 grafts. We charge 1000 euro for 1000 grafts by fue procedure. However to get 6000 follicles , price will go up.

  19. admin / Post Author

    Hello, First of all we have to sort out reason for hair fall.Please have these basic tests to identify cause
    1- Serum Ferritin Level.
    2- Total Iron binding capacity.
    3- T3,T4,TSH
    4- Serum testosterone level


  20. mohammed /

    Hi doc.. My sis has coarse and thick hair which remain short and fall more frequently ( africal hair) .. do u have any solution for her? do u transplant new hair instead of her original hair?? I have seen a lot of africal moview stars and singers change their hair to european style so just asking if that due to hair transplant or not? ? if its possible can it be done here in Oman? what would be the cost approximately..??

  21. abdullah /

    I want to price of 1000 graft of hair and were in oman all most i need 6000
    or more so i need to now the price …?

  22. admin / Post Author

    Sir, hair transplant cost depends upon technique ( FUE vs FUT) and number of grafts or area of baldness. Less bald area, cost would be less and more bald area, mega sesion cost high. However when you compare hair transplant prices in Muscat then our hair transplant clinic offering you affordable prices.

  23. noor /

    sir i want to now the cost for transplant and any side Effect

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