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Hair transplant surgery is the ultimate choice for any person who is suffering from the tension of baldness. New Zealand is a good choice for having this procedure as there are number of certified surgeons who are dedicated to hair transplantation and work hard for producing high quality results that could be compared to any hair transplant done in the world. Hair transplant is very commonly done procedure and it does not involve any serious risk if the surgery is done by a qualified surgeon with good experience. If you are planning a hair transplant surgery it is necessary to gather some knowledge on hair loss and the process of the surgery. Hair loss can result due to many illnesses or infections. Genetics play major role in your hair loss. If the hair loss is present in your older generations, you are more likely to become the victim of baldness and remedy for that is the hair transplant surgery. If hair loss occurs due to some kind of hormonal change, infections, child birth, iron deficiency, diet habits, anxiety or hyper tension etc, then it is possible to some extent that it can be cured with medicine. Your will give you full information on that after examining your hair loss. He suggests you go for some tests that will be helpful for the diagnosis of your hair fall or baldness.

Hair transplant is a fruitful decision of your life. Hair transplant will transform you in a good way. In hair transplantation your own hair is used to cover your bald area. The surgeon will take out the hair grafts that are strong enough to produce hair and transplant them on the bald area. This picking out of grafts is classified into two techniques largely. One technique is called Follicular unit extraction and the other is called the Strip technique. Both are used in all the leading hair transplant clinics in New Zealand and all over the world. Techniques are different in their nature, one is old, the other is latest, one is cheap, and the other is exquisite and exclusive. Your surgeon will be one who would advice you according to your bald area. Both are result oriented. The only difference is that in FUE, single hair follicle is extracted and in the Strip method a whole strip of hair follicles is extracted as it is suggested by its name. FUE hair transplant is more time consuming and precise that’s why expensive. The strip method is the mother of hair transplant surgery; it is the classic way and still is not outdated.

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