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FUE hair transplant in Netherlands- Hair restoration is the only hair restoration surgery available these days. FUE is the other method that is popular because it gives no scarring after the treatment. Different hair loss clinics are there to help the patients in getting these surgeries in Netherlands.Netherlands is officially known as The Kingdom of Netherlands and it is located in North West of the Europe. Amsterdam is the capital and largest city of the country. Sixteen million people are residing in this country. It is bordering Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. It is one of the developed countries of the world that is providing the best health care to its citizens. Many people in the country are also suffering from hair loss due to androgenic alopecia. For these patients, hair restoration surgeries are there. These help them in getting permanent hairs for their whole life.

There are two methods of treatment that are offered in leading hair restoration clinics. Follicular unit transplant is the common hair surgery that is found all over the country. In this surgical procedure, hair follicles are extracted from the scalp in form of a strip. With advancement of technology the other method follicular unit extraction is also obtainable in country. Unlike traditional method, hair follicles are harvested individually from the donor area of the scalp. No linear scarring is there on the scalp through this surgical method. Only tiny white scars are there that are not visible to naked eye.

Patients can find out the follicular unit extraction surgery, top surgeons and clinics in Netherlands by using the internet. They can find about them from different websites. Patients can find the best hair restoration surgeons of the country through hair blogs and hair forums. It is helpful for the patients residing in the country, but also for those that want to get their treatment here. They can check the views of those that have already got the hair surgery in their past. They can also show them their before and after photos of surgery. They can also check the web blogs of the patients and ask them about the leading hair surgeon in the country.

Many hair implant clinics of the country are exclusively providing the FUE surgeries to the patients. They help the patients in getting a correct treatment. They also use the updated instruments in treating their patients. Best quality devices are used during performing FUE treatment on patients. You can also fund the latest treatments that are provided with the assistance of devices. These treatments include, ARTAS, 3-step and Neograft. These help the surgeon in performing an accurate surgical treatment on the patients.

Average cost of a single graft ranges from eight to ten Euros. This treatment is costly in the country as compared to the other countries. The reason is that only a few surgeons are there in country that is providing the accurate new hair restoration treatment to the patients. It is advised that patients should check about the background of surgeon before going for their surgery. The treatment is also not covered by any health insurance available in the country. Patients from other countries also came here to get this newer hair loss treatment. They want to get the best quality treatment, so they are ready to pay a huge amount of money.

Patients can meet the surgeon and ask about the relevant questions during the initial consultancy session. They can also request him to show them the videos of their previously treated patients. They can also estimate the total cost needed for their treatments. Official websites of the clinics helps the patients in finding those clinics that are exclusively dealing with FUE surgery in the country. From the websites, patients can find the address, contact numbers and email of the surgeon. They can also get an online appointment from a surgeon or hair restoration clinics.

The patients that are from abroad and want to get FUE Hair Transplant in Netherlands should send the close up photographs of their balding scalp before their arrival. This helps them in getting an estimated cost o of their surgery.

  • Get 2500 follicles in 1000 euro.

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