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Hair Transplant surgery in nepal is not routinely performed procedure. Though there are few hair restoration doctors in nepal but their results are not at par with international standard. Many customers contact with us for  hair replacement surgery. We are offering cheap hair restoration procedure. We provide complete solution to our prospective patients like hotel reservation and complimentary stay, pick and drop from Airport, visa guidance and sponsor letter.

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hair transplant nepal photo



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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello Karan , You can get 2 to 5 sessions of PRP treatment to stop hair fall and grey hair prevention.

  2. admin / Post Author

    Hello, We are located here
    Cosmoderma Clinic

    31 A -Ali Zeb road Block C-3
    Gulberg-3 Firdous Market
    Lahore Pakistan
    Tel: +92-42-3587-4529
    Timing : 9.00 AM to 5 .00 pm (Mon to Sat )

  3. Delta Alfa /

    Can you give me your location. How much it cost and how long time take for transplant

  4. Karan /

    Hello man I’m Karan from parbat
    My hair is little bit grey and very thin my hair are starting to fall
    Can u tell me solutions.

  5. admin / Post Author

    Cosmoderma Clinic

    31 A -Ali Zeb road Block C-3
    Gulberg-3 Firdous Market
    Lahore Pakistan
    Tel: +92-42-3587-4529

  6. Anonymous /

    sir i want to transplant my hair where i can contact

  7. admin / Post Author

    Hello Santosh thapa, Please send us close up views from different angles of bald area so that we can help you.
    Warm Regards

  8. Santosh thapa /

    I m 31 yr old…. I have hair fall problem since i was 25 and now i look ugly with those blad areas… I want to do hair transplant with fue proccedure… How much it will cost… Pls help

  9. admin / Post Author

    Hello Dipesh, We charge 1.00$ for 1 graft. We offer 30% discount for 2500 Fue grafts and total cost will be 1750$US
    Warm Regards

  10. admin / Post Author

    Hello ANOOP thapa, it depends upon area of burn. If you can send us close up photos of burn area, we can help you in a better way.
    Warm Regards

  11. ANOOP thapa /

    It is possible to do hair surgery in burnt place

  12. Dipesh /

    how much cost for 2500 graft… and each 1 graft how much you charge…in rupees

  13. admin / Post Author

    Hello, It will cost you $1.00 US per graft through Fue hair transplant technique.

  14. Anonymous /

    Can u tell me how much cost it will come…..

  15. admin / Post Author

    Hello , Please send us your hair loss area close up photos from right, left, top, back and sides view so that our surgeon can examine and help you. After examining your photos we can help you in a better way and definitely give you best price.

  16. khil /

    Hello sir I want to hair transplant than how many months will be complete and. What is the cost.please reply me.

  17. admin / Post Author

    Hello Deepak kumar, Please send us your close up photos of hair loss area from different angles so that we can help you.

  18. Deepak kumar /

    I want to transplant…but m not known about its cost and it’s guareentee…do help me..thank yu


    i am 32 years male. my front side of hair is gone down……..any solution…

  20. Anil /

    Hello sir / Madam ji,
    I want to transplant my hair my age is 29 but i can look much older then my real ag, problem is that sir i have not sufficent money, does any EMI facilties or any other suggestion please reply me , i am very dipressed sir, help me

  21. admin / Post Author

    Hello, surely we will help and guide you. Please send us your close up views of hair loss area then we can give you estimate of grafts and cost. We will arrange your hotel stay, pick and drop from Airport and safe return. Our email is

  22. hair transplant /

    i want to hair transplant help me plz

  23. admin / Post Author

    Hi, hair transplant procedure in Tricotelliomania is not a good reason.It is psychiatric disorder and please consult your psychiatrist for further management.

  24. TRICH /

    I have Trichotelliomania ..
    I want to transplant… my hair grows normally with lusture and thickness but I think longer the hair lesser I pull so just to avoid pulling I want to transplant.What do you have to say?.
    Thank you!

  25. admin / Post Author

    Sir, we put a lot of information in this website, still you have any query we would be happy to answer it.

  26. dipak katuwal /

    I hair loss ,I want to make hair transplant.

  27. admin / Post Author

    Hello Aftab! We sent you email. We charge 1800 euro for 2000 fue grafts and 900 euro for 2000 grafts through strip hair transplant procedure.

  28. Aftab /

    hello,i am Aftab i want to know that what will be the cost of 2000 grafts pls help me reply soon.thank you

  29. admin / Post Author

    Hello Muna! Hair fall and thinning of hair is a common problem among female patients due to hormonal changes and iron deficiency. Please rule out two conditions by Serum ferritin level as well as polycystic ovary. To rule out pcos you have your testosterone level as well as ultrasound of ovaries.
    Female patients get hair back by proper diagnosis and medication.

  30. Muna /

    Hello, I am 26 yrs old lady….My hair is so thin and day by day its being more thin. My front side part and left part hair is being falling..due to which i m so tensed…I think it might be due to heredity.. but i really do need solution for this….

  31. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Hello Kushal, Medical hair restoration is basic step for falling control and shedding, there are currently two products approved by FDA. The first one is Finestride (Propecia) tablet and second one is Minoxidil 5% lotion/spray/foam for male patients. Try to use these products for six months and hopefully your hair loss will be controlled.

  32. kushal /

    Well, i have hair fall problem & its to fast, i m just age of 25 and my front side of hair is gone down……..any solution…

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