Hair Transplant in Namibia Cost

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello, we can surely restore your hair and solve hair loss problem.our cost is based on number of follicles and average price is between 1500 to 30000$. We do not have any hair transplant clinic or branch in Namibia.

  2. alwyn /

    im going bald and want to prevent it and want to know how much it wil cost me

  3. toria /

    Hi there. I am suffering from bad hair fall. I need hair transplant. How much does it cost? I m in namibia. Do u also do it here?

  4. admin / Post Author

    Hello Kris, please send us your close up photos for further evaluation. However Minoxidil 5% lotion you may start to prevent hair fall.

  5. kriss /

    I’m a 22 year old black male, I’m very desperate about my hair balding and thinning at the sametime. Please help….m very desperate!

  6. admin / Post Author

    Sir, we have sent you email and please check your spam as well.You may contact direct to our number or sms us +92-333-430-99 99

  7. connie M /

    Sorry i meant sergicaly.. is it possible?… can you give me a number where i can contact you?

  8. admin / Post Author

    sir, to prevent hair falling and shedding you should use regularly Minoxidil 5% lotion/spray/foam as well as Tab.Propecia 1mg/day for 6-9 months initial trial.

  9. Connie Matheus /

    Im 22 and im growing bald, is there somethig i can do about this?… if yes, please contact me as soon as possible on +264 8137968–.

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